Basics 101 Workout Mistakes

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Basics 101 Workout Mistakes Everyone Can Make

Part 1: 4 Things You Are Doing Wrong With Your Workout

I know this (workout) is a very touchy topic because everybody struggles with their body image at some point in their lives (let’s be honest, all the time). Now, learning to love yourself is a long arduous journey, and I will write about it at some point. However, before we address the difficult part, let’s start the easy part.

Workouts, maybe something that you hate, but you cannot deny the good effects for overall health. Therefore, here are ‘The things you’re doing wrong with your workouts.’

Number 0: You Have No Consistency

Why is this number “0” (Zero)? Well, because this might be just the key reason for everything – Consistency. It is the number one reason why your plans for working out are failing. I mean, you are just not sticking to doing one thing for a prolonged period. I mean that you are not sticking to the plan. Therefore, the step you need to take before the actual step is stick to the plan.

Number 1: No Proper Stretching/Warm-Ups

Look, you can’t just randomly pop down on the floor and simply do 50 push-ups for the first time. Nor can you do this after a long period with no exercise, and expect your body to be okay. You need to warm up your body first. It’s because the body can’t handle sudden changes very well. It needs gradual guiding through steps to increase its capacity to handle more.

Professional athletes usually warm up for 20 minutes or more. However, if you are like me, a normal person, you can do 10-15 minutes of warm up. If you do not, you would incur injuries from sprains to muscle pain or worse. This channel below is a good for working outs, so check it out.

Here is a video in which they demonstrate an easy warm up, in case you need something to start.

I’d also recommend reading about warming up and cooling down while working out.

Number 2: ‘More’ Does Not Mean … ‘More’

What do I mean by this confusing title? Well, that less is more. How many of you in your student days have sat down for hours on a desk “studying” while you were actually distracted? Then you say that you studied six hours whereas you were actually playing in your phone for five hours; trying to cram everything in an hour or let’s be honest 5 minutes?

In exercising, that does not apply!

You need to learn that if you do something, you have to do it right. This applies to everything in life, but in workout specifically, it means the following: if you are doing 60 crunches and you decide to do, 90 instead. I applaud you for the determination that I do not have) but you are not doing the exercise right.

This way, you are not, not going to lose weight. But you will risk an injury as explained by this article about ten exercises people have been doing wrong. Check the LIVESTRONG YouTube channel, which has videos demonstrating how to do some common exercises. I also found a helpful video that is worth sharing:

Number 3: You Don’t Eat

Before you get excited for this one, I am not talking about a meal, I am talking about…dun dun dun… “The Apple!”

Yes, you need to eat fruit, nuts, stuff that is healthy, not the French fires that are lying around. Finishing a packet of biscuits after a workout will not help lose weight. No soft drinks either. Here is an article on the best things to eat after a workout. It also has links for recipes in case you want to try some out. I prefer to drink a glass of water after a workout first. Then have a fruit or nuts if they are lying around.

Number 4: Complicated Workout Plans

This is from my own personal experience. I know that every day there are new trending workouts and diets exploding all the time. However, that does not mean you have to follow them, especially if you are new to the whole working out idea. If you make up a plan that is too complicated or a workout that is too tiring then, there is not much use to your workout.

The whole point of a workout is to revitalize you.

The point of a workout is not to tire you or to make you sore. Yes, it can be tedious but in the beginning stages of a workout, it has to be. So, my personal suggestion would be to stick to one plan for at least 21 says but then not many people can do that. Then, one week is the ideal, and you can track your progress by drawing boxes on one page and crossing off seven days.

Finally, I would like to close this by saying that this workout in the morning is the best in my experience. It is okay if you have trouble working out if you cannot stick to the plan. You are bound to find bumps along the road but beware that you have to keep pushing forward looking for solutions and trial and error. It is tedious but it is worth it.

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