Challenges of Modern Day Learning – Part 2

Written by Aara Jones
6 · 23 · 17
Learning – Part 2 - The Challenges of Modern Day Learning


Wondering Where to Begin and Wondering Which the Top Websites for Learning Are

In my last post, I spoke about why you should study online and about why is it good for you. For today’s post, I assume you have been convinced to study online (or you are curious). Let’s skip the drum roll and let me present you these websites where you can learn online, without deadlines and FREE! (Well, except for one website)

4 Top Modern Day Learning Options for College Kids!

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website that essentially specializes in teaching Math from Kindergarten to 12th grade. It is not limited to just that; however, it mostly teaches you the basics for school. Which is useful for those of you who want to remember the basics of Math and Science. You can create an account to track your progress over time and receive points for watching videos, completing exercises. It is like a video game, something that children will love. The best way to use Khan Academy is through the Common Core. It serves as a mind map for the content they have for math for each class. You can consider it a map showing the number of skills that they teach.

For other science subjects such as Chemistry, Physics, and Chemistry it might not have the MOST basic stuff that you need for learning. Either you know that or, you follow the Crash Course or Crash Course Kids channel (which we shall talk about in a minute) to pump up your basics. In addition, if that is not for you, then you can check Bozeman Science Next Generation Science Standards.

Kid math is very good in Khan Academy it’s not because I have used it actually, I have completed the counting mission by counting squirrels and whales – no kidding. I have young children in my family who use it, and they really, really like it.

MIT Open Course Ware

Okay now, this website is different from the others because it has whole degrees. Before you get excited, you cannot complete an online degree from MIT unless you go to the actual university. It is free but you do not receive anything as a proof that you have completed the course or attained a certain level of mastery.

The greatest advantage of MITOpenCourseWare is that it offers the widest range of subjects. You can learn anything literally; they offer everything from Gender Studies to Mechanical Engineering. They offer all the materials you need for learning. You do not need to create any account, all materials are accessible, but there are some restrictions.



This is another amazing website for online learning. It is my personal favorite; I am not going to lie. As its name suggests it offers a wide range of course from different fields. However, from what I have seen, their specialty seems to be in Computer Science and Business-related courses. In this website, you have to create an account and you can choose and enroll in one of their courses. They have two type of courses one is a specialization, and the other is a… course. Their specialization is a set of courses that touch different aspects of the subject taught. However, this specific website has deadlines and money you have to pay. Nevertheless, Coursera offers certificates upon completion of their courses. As for the money, they offer financial aid to those who cannot afford it but are eager to learn.

Crash Course

Crash Course is a YouTube channel with an ambitious goal: make students think critically and learn content. The Green brothers, John and Hank, founded it and they teach subjects like Psychology, World History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Economics, and each year they keep adding new content. One of the additions I liked a lot was Crash Course Kids, which is a set of videos for Middle School children.

Their videos are refreshing because they do not only focus on teaching you the material, but they also aim to make you think big questions like “what is life?” They also explain the wider purpose of your studies. For example, in the first episode of crash course, John acting as a student asks, “What is coming on the test?” The response John gives is interesting because he says that the test will occur in the streets, in your house, it will occur everywhere, and for the rest of your life.

Finally, I would like to close this article by quoting Mark Twain “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”. So, keep studying online and share this article with people. We’d like to know more top websites for online learning, so please mention the ones you know in comments below. In case you missed the Part 1 of this blog, click here.

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