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Written by Aara Jones
7 · 16 · 17
This is a Reality, not a Movie. What Does This Mean?

Have you ever been in a situation where someone talking to you says, This is a reality, not a movie? Have you said it to someone you care for to shake them out of what you think is fantasy or too fictitious? Someone I love dearly ‘threw’ this sentence at me last week, which is why; I thought I should write about it.

Here’s a brutal reality check for all those out there who think they are “realists”, or who think they know the difference between reality and movies. All movies and stories have reality in their foundations. I can bet that all stories have at least 10% truth to them. As the saying goes, “there’s no smoke without fire.” After all, I am a writer and author, and it’s my job to read a lot. Therefore, I can tell fiction from reality!

Inspiration Comes from Reality

To be an author or a scriptwriter, you need an imaginative and creative mind. That’s true. Another truth is that not all stories or movies come from true stories. However, at some point, somewhere in every story, the writer throws in something from a personal experience. It might be an encounter with some personality, an accident, an encounter with the supernatural, or a science experiment went wrong and covered up by the government.

Personally, I think people who harp about This is a reality, not a movie are naïve, lack a creative and imaginative mind, or just ignorant about the fact that life is dynamic. I don’t mean to insult anyone; it’s just what I personally feel. I mean it in a good way because there is a lot to learn for all of us as long as we live. The world has a lot of lies, deceptions, mystery, secrets, and hidden history in the past. I am one of those people who believe that anything is possible.

True, This is a Reality, Not a Movie

In my opinion, the proverb This is a reality, not a movie is overrated and misunderstood. It makes sense to people who do not understand where to draw the line between real possibilities and fiction. Perhaps people who think too highly of themselves because they have had a few bad experiences think so. Think of it. Sponge Bob – for example, is impossible. It happens only in cartoons – imagine a sponge talking to you! That is ridiculous! Dinosaurs and humans coexisting, that is fiction and far from reality. Now, there is no such thing happening, but if someone believes it is happening then those people do need a reality check.

Life is Dynamic – Believe That!

Now, let me explain something to my readers. Life is dynamic because no two people can have exactly the same experience in anything in life. Every individual has a unique fingerprint – this is a reality! Likewise, even if two people are destined to achieve the same goals, the experiences they have, the decisions they make, how they handle situations will always be different. Assuming something is impossible just because you imagine it is fictitious doesn’t make it true!

Stop Believing in Cliché

Let me cite an example to you. A friend of mine was going through a breakup. It was a long distance relationship. His girlfriend stopped messaging as frequently as she used to and stopped calling as often. However, she never stopped using Facebook. She would respond faster to Facebook messages or tags, instead of picking calls or texting and WhatsApp. My friend was a doctor, working towards completing residency. She said she was always busy in shifts, on call, or studying, and sleepy.

My friend didn’t seem to believe her. He often came to me saying, “Long distance relationships don’t work”. In my personal opinion, he had already made up his mind that this wasn’t going to work. I often told him that he is letting the opinions of others taint his thoughts. He is letting peoples’ opinions influence his feelings. I insisted that she is probably that busy. Others he spoke to would say things like, “No one is too busy to pick your call, or get back to you, or message. It takes just a minute.”

My Perspective on Reality

All I said to my friend was, This is a reality, not a movie! Suppose that she is just not able to manage everything and can’t keep a balance. Everyone is different. Everyone has a different capacity to multitask. Not everyone can maintain a balance between work and home life. Why are you too quick to judge her and believe there is no hope?

He was too quick to break it off with her. She was a responsible woman and his constant bickering was taking a toll on her. She accepted his decision and let him go. Three years later, he saw her looking pretty and established. When they spoke, she had the necklace he had given her around her neck. That said it all! They got back together and they are happily married today!

Decisions We Make Cannot be from Clichés or Third Persons’ Opinions

One mistake people make is letting what people think or say get under their skin. I do the same, to be honest. Perhaps that’s why I’ve learned an important lesson, the hard way. NEVER LISTEN TO PEOPLES’ OPINIONS! Knowing where reality ends is a gift. Not many people have the gift of personal and spiritual development. This is why; I insist that people should open their mind. Grow and be open to possibilities. Anything is possible in the real world, except fictitious creatures, walking dead, flying fish, talking cars!

Know where reality ends! Know when to say this is a reality, not a movie!

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