How Dependent Are We On Smartphones?

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How Dependent Are We On Smartphones? - Lifestyle

We love our smartphones, right. We find it hard (if not downright impossible) to sit in a train station or airport and not resort to checking our social media feeds or trying to advance to the next level in whatever game has us hooked. It is a boredom killer. That is for sure, but is there a point where our love of smartphones reaches inappropriate levels?

When is Using Smartphones Okay

Judging by the abundant use of our phones in situations such as driving or attending a religious service, we are very much down the rabbit hole in terms of excessive smartphone dependency. More than half of all adults confess to using their phones while driving. This not only reflects badly on their inability to put the phone away but also places them and other motorists at severe risk of a fatal accident. If you really cannot complete a journey from point A to B without checking your phone, use public transport instead.

The Infuriating Dependence on Smartphones

On a less serious note, smartphone dependency can infuriate other people who may feel that they are not getting adequate attention. To some, the sight of a circle of friends falling silent as they each swipe and tap at their phone screens can be quite galling. The purpose of smartphones is to reinforce our connectivity with people, not take from it. You can leave the snapping and tweeting until the only company you have is the handheld communications device in your pocket.

Eye-opening Stats on Smartphone Dependency

This infographic from Neon SMS contains some eye-opening statistics, which examine the levels to which our smartphone dependency has grown while suggesting ways in which we can keep that dependency in check. The days of slavery might seem like they belong to a bygone era, but in the modern world, it feels as if many of us are slaves to the iPhone or any non-Apple equivalent.

The bottom line is that using your smartphones is necessary and good too, provided you do it responsibly. Do not risk your life while texting. I will recommend that you read my blog about driving safely, which I shared some while back!

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How dependent are we on smartphones?

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