7 Most Photographic Locations in NSW (North South Wales)

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7 Most Photographic Locations in NSW (North South Wales)

If you are searching for Instagram-worthy shots of NSW (North South Wales) and if you aren’t opposed to exploring, then head to any one of these places for some great pictures of this awe-inspiring state. From amazing architecture to local wildlife, there is something for everyone at these photographic locations.

#1 Photographic Location: Sydney Harbour Bridge

Lifestyle Glitz - Sydney Harbour Bridge

You can’t escape the beauty of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Whether you visit at night or during the day, it never fails to astound its visitors. Grab a ferry to Manly or to Luna Park, depending on which shot you want to visit. Take care to stay away from the edge of the boat when the tide is high, or you’ll get wet before you get to your destination. Walk the bridge for phenomenal cityscapes, and panoramic views of the Harbour. Climbing is also an option for the more adventurous photographer.

#2 Photographic Location: Pebbly Beach

Lifestyle Glitz - Pebbly Beach

Located on the South Coast, Pebbly Beach is a great spot to go bushwalking or learn to surf. With furry friends hopping around, you’re sure to get more than a few kangaroos in every shot. Pebbly is also one of the few spots in NSW where you can camp on the beach, but make sure to book ahead of time, as this little spot gets full very quickly.

#3 Photographic Location: Mungo National Park

Lifestyle Glitz - Mungo National Park

Named after the famous Mungo man and woman, this World Heritage Listed National park is nothing short of incredible. With an Aboriginal heritage dating over 50,000 years back, Mungo National Park is more than just beautiful. It offers one a glimpse into the vast Australian history and is rich with Aboriginal culture. Jump on a guided walking tour through the Great Wall, or opt to explore for yourself. Whichever way you tackle Mungo, you will not be disappointed.

#4 Photographic Location: Sea Cliff Bridge

Lifestyle Glitz - Sea Cliff Bridge

An icon of Wollongong, the 665-meter Sea Cliff Bridge makes an amazing photographic location. As one of seven offshore parallel to coast bridges in the world, this little gem is a great find South of Sydney. If you are after the bird’s eye view, take the bush walk up the hill before dawn.

#5 Photographic Location: Blue Mountains

Lifestyle Glitz - Blue Mountains

Only an hour West of Sydney, the magnificent Blue Mountains is home to the Six-Foot track, the Three Sisters and more. This beautiful area is easy to navigate on foot. However, if you’re looking to cover more ground it’s better to drive between the towns. Drop into The Station for lunch on the way home, or pop into any one of the many antique stores along the main streets.

#6 Photographic Location: Stockton Beach

Lifestyle Glitz - Stockton Beachlue Mountains

Located between Newcastle and Port Stephens, Stockton Beach is home to more than just sand dunes. Grab a four-wheel drive and explore the area, go fishing at the beach, or just wind down with an afternoon BBQ.

#7 Photographic Location: Orange

Lifestyle Glitz - Orange

Orange and surrounding rural communities are a spectacular side of New South Wales that don’t have the reputation they deserve. During spring, Canola is in bloom and yellow fields line the horizon. Likewise visiting in autumn brings its own benefits, with calves being born and locals in a generally prosperous mood. Head out to one of the many apple orchards, and try your hand at fruit picking for the day.

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