Pakistan Day – What it is Important for All Pakistanis Worldwide

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
7 · 16 · 17
Pakistan Day – Why Pakistanis Worldwide Should know

Have you watched the latest Pakistan Day anthem released by ISPR, now showing on SAMAA television?

I personally found it very touchy, and it instilled a very spiritual feeling in me. I could appreciate the beauty of being a “Pakistani”. Therefore, I will say it again, I am proud to be a Pakistani. I was not born or raised in Pakistan, so I will understand if you have not quite heard about this special day or if you do not know, what Pakistan Day (23 March) is a public holiday.

What is Pakistan Day?

You can easily Google it, but here’s what it means – it is a national holiday, commemorating the Lahore Resolution, which happened on 23 March 1940. This was the day when for the first time the adoption of the Constitution of Pakistan happened. It was an important day, initiating the transition of the dominion of Pakistan from a purely Hindu nation into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on 23 March 1956. Therefore, this day is definitely special for all Pakistanis worldwide.

Memories of this Day Resonate Rich History

We all know about the priceless sacrifices our ancestors made. We still hear news about fallen heroes. With every life lost and sacrifices made, we continue to treasure the importance of patriotism. That’s what we do on 23 March each year. We revisit the events that led to the realization of Pakistan as a free nation, where being a Muslim is pride. There is no one oppressing you, you are a free person to practice your Islamic rights and traditions. Yes, we do have internal cultural differences, but we put all those aside on occasions like these.

What Do People Do on Pakistan Day?

We hoist the flag of Pakistan on all government and public buildings on this day. We witness the 31-gun salute, which happens in Islamabad, and the 21-gun salute in all provincial capitals of Pakistan. There is a change of guard ceremony on Muhammad Iqbal’s mausoleum and that of Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s mausoleum. Following this, there is a ceremony of laying garlands on their resting places.

I think the parade that happens at the Constitution Avenue (Islamabad) is the main feature worth witnessing. Here, there is an award ceremony, to honor military and civilian recipients for their contributions and achievements for Pakistan’s well-being. There are parties, debate competitions, events, and festivals for children and adults to make this historic day memorable all over Pakistan.

So, tomorrow get out there and witness the grandeur and pride of Pakistan. Spread colors of freedom – Green, and White! Meet friends and family and rejoice in being a free and brave nation of Muslims! Before you move on, you may want to read about other special days that are worth celebrating in Pakistan.

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