Naked Selfie Detection App – Would You Use One for Your Kids?

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Naked Selfie Detection App – Would You Use One?

Sexting and sharing naked photos on WhatsApp, Skype, other IM chats, and on social media platforms has been a worrisome matter for parents for a while now. A recent report by BBC announced the development of a naked selfie detection app that can pick nakedness in images and alert parents. Would you opt for such an app?

The Naked Selfie Detection App Works

The spokesperson introducing the naked selfie detection app through BBC said that the app has some limitations for now, but it is a work in progress. So far, the success with detection of nude images is as high as 96%. It sends false alerts in the remaining 4%, which was still good enough. Watch the video below:

Limitations in the Naked Selfie Detection App

The app detected kids playing at the beach in shorts and sent false alerts in the test. Addressing this, the spokesperson said, “Yeah, it’s because we attack mostly on the skin at first. We are trying to have it recognize genitalia as well. It’s hard to train sometimes.” In order to make the naked selfie detection app more accurate with the images it detects, there will be the need for more algorithms. He added, “It’s hard to do because of the different varieties in shapes and sizes.” Presently, the app is doing very well with detecting skin exposure. However, it will require more programming to detect genitalia. Nevertheless, it does seem to be a great app for concerned parents.

False Alerts May Happen

Since the naked selfie detection app is in the testing phase, creators are detecting areas that need improvement. Addressing the concern about false alerts, the spokesperson said, “I would be more than happy as a parent knowing that I got a detection and I saw this (partially covered body of kids playing at the beach), rather than seeing the other one (nude selfie).” This is a sure thing; parents will find relief knowing that the app was wrong and their kids are not engaging in questionable activities.

Could the Naked Selfie Detection App be a Solution for Nudeness Amongst Kids

Snap chat has become one of the most used and preferred apps by teenagers these days. The reason is not just the fun emoticons it has. Another reason is the temporary images they can share, which disappear after a set time. This gives kids hope that they can escape the eyes of their parents. Now, with such an app, things have to change. The moment the app detects any image with excessive skin, it will alert the parents, showing them the image.

The advantage of using such an app is that parents can raise morally conscious kids. It will help parents protect their children from cyberbullying, sexual harassments, blackmail, and child pornography. Presently, the app is in its early development phase. The naked selfie detection app will be available for sale soon.

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