Quick Tips To Boost The Hits For Amazing Vaping Session

Written by Rohani Egbert
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Quick Tips To Boost The Hits For Amazing Vaping Session

Vaping enthusiasts would relate to the constant struggle between getting a consistent flavor and cloud density out of their devices. The struggle is tougher for new vapers as compared to seasoned connoisseurs.

A good hit in the start is easy to get, but the difficult part is keeping up with the same flavor through the session. However, there are certain tricks that can ensure great vaping experience with every drag.

Cleaning and Changing Coils Regularly

The heating coils are the most delicate part of a vaping device. Most of all, for wax or e-liquid vaporizers, the coils can easily develop a layer of residue. Evidently, this layer reduces the effect of the coils and thus affects the overall efficiency of the vaping device. The clouds formed are light and sometimes need a lot of time to reach the right temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the coils. And if needed, replace them. Besides, regular cleaning of the coils can also improve the lifespan of the same. Usually, the residues increase the resistance and make the element more prone to breakage. When cleaning the coil, it is also necessary to do so as delicately as possible. Using a dilute solution of vinegar in water can help remove the residues easily. But, before reinstalling the coil make sure it is completely dried off.

Optimize the Temperature and Draw Force

Heating the juice or wax at very high temperatures may burn them away, whereas low temperatures may not produce enough clouds. On the other hand, quick forceful draws may also reduce the cloud density, whereas slow drags may cause the juices to burn. So, there’s a constant tug of war between the drag force and the temperature. It is only through hit and trial that an optimum stage is reached between these two. Keeping the device at medium temperature while drawing slow but forceful puffs produce the best flavors, as per some vaping enthusiasts. While some others suggest using the device close to the highest temperature setting and drawing hard drags. Evidently, there’s no specific rule as to what settings may produce the best experience. Therefore, modifying the settings until the right flavors and cloud density isn’t produced is the only resort. But, once the right settings are reached, there’s no more fuss about modifying them before every session.

Invest in a High-Quality E-Juice

A common issue with vaping is the quality of liquids or juices used for vaping. The composition of the PG and VG defines the cloud density and its subsequent flavorings. Experts at Red Vape suggest that a 50/50 composition of the two components is the ideal mixture. Besides, the flavor will also make an effect, so keep in mind whether to choose a fruity flavor or a cigarette mimic. Each flavor has its own characteristics, and accordingly, the settings may vary. The market has a plethora of flavor options from earthy tones to euphoric ones and many more. It might get a bit overwhelming as to which flavor to choose, but there’s an easy way out. Keep changing the flavors from time to time. This would allow a better understanding of the flavors and can also help choose the right one.

Clean The Mouthpiece for Fresh Flavours

After every vaping session, the mouthpiece is sure to develop a layer of residue. If unchecked, this layer can hinder the flavors during the next vaping session. The residues can produce a pungent odor and flavor. When the bad influence of residues interferes with fresh flavors, the experience is sure to take a hit. Therefore, it is recommended to clean the mouthpiece after and before every vaping session. A clean mouthpiece would ensure fresh drags. Most of the vaping devices come with replacements for the mouthpiece. Similarly, there are several custom attachments also available, that can help reduce the residue build-up and keep the mouthpiece clean.

Keep a Regular Check on Battery Power

Lastly, it is the battery power that can also affect the experience during a vaping session. If the battery pack is low on juice, it might start to fluctuate power to the heating coil. And it is needless to mention that intermittent heating can ruin the e-juice as well as the vapors hence produced. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a regular check on the battery. Most importantly, operating the battery on a low charge must be avoided at all costs.

To sum it up, the flavor-richness of the vapor clouds depends on simple checks like cleanliness and temperature. So, whether you’re a new vaper or have been vaping for some time, these tips are easy to follow. And sure to improve your vaping experience with every session.


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