7 Men’s Cold Weather Style Essentials

Written by Andy Glibert
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7 Men's Cold Weather Style Essentials

There’s always that awkward period when the chill starts to creep up on you and you realise that nothing in your wardrobe is up to the task of actually keeping you warm. Somehow, this seems to happen every single season, and the usual solution? Either chattering your way through the winter, or shopping for a fast fashion that gives up on you in a matter of weeks – neither are exactly what you want to be doing. So, why not shake things up this winter and secure yourself the staples that are going to last you for many a cold season to come? Here are the seven essential pieces to build that winter wardrobe properly this year…

Quilted Puffer Jacket

A quilted puffer jacket is going to make sure that you’re nice and warm no matter what the weather is pulling outside. You can either opt for a super luxe down padding or look for technical man made fabrics such as Gore-tex for an animal free option that works just as well. Shop for charcoal blacks, khaki greens or inky navy for a jacket that goes with just about everything in your closet.

Cashmere Sweater

Men’s cashmere sweaters are a total lifesaver when its cold outside! Look for a pure cashmere, crew neck style in a true fit for a major wardrobe shape shifter. You can wear this casual with denim or sweats, formal layered under a suit or with chinos for the perfect smart casual workwear outfit. If you love to layer tee shirts or collared shirts under your jumpers, consider sizing up to accomodate for the extra pieces.

Dark Wash Denim

Dark wash denim is amazingly comfortable but also very easy to dress up when you need to, which makes it an absolute staple during winter months. Look for high quality fabrics with maximum 2% elastane content in a heavy cut to keep your legs warm throughout the day. This will be your casual go to and denim is an indisputable classic, so be prepared to invest a little to get a pair that will last you a long time to come.

Chunky Scarf

A warm, chunky knit scarf is the ideal throw on piece when you feel like you need an extra kick of cosiness on particularly chilly days or nights. Look for a light neutral such as duck egg, pale blue or grey for a scarf that adds to your outfit without disturbing the tones and patterns you’ve got going on underneath.

Leather Gloves

This one is really only for bitterly cold environments or for people who don’t do well during winter and need that extra bit of protection on a daily basis. High quality calf leather gloves in a black or burgundy will serve you very well for a seriously long time, plus they’re waterproof which is a bonus.


Chelsea boots or more on-trend hiker boots are going to be your best buddy when it’s miserable, cold and raining outdoors. Look for a thick soled pair in high quality leather to get as much wear as possible out of your shoes.

Protective Socks

You just can’t do winter without some insulating socks! You can find heat tech socks that are made to store body heat or, for a more breathable option, consider investing in some cashmere styles. These keep you warm and dry, avoiding any damages to both your feet and your shoes over the winter.

With these guys in your wardrobe you’ll be ready for absolutely anything when winter rolls around!

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