Luxury Car Transport- Facts That Every Owner Should Know

Written by Rohani Egbert
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Facts about Car Transport Services

Moving to a new place means a lot of work, right from packing your stuff, transporting it, and setting it up at the new place. Often, people tend to think about household stuff when it comes to relocation. But transporting your vehicle is something equally vital, particularly if you do not plan to drive it down to the new destination. And things can get even more complicated if you have a luxury car to relocate. Of course, you will need to look for auto transport services that specialize in shipping automobiles because safety would be on top of your mind.

When it comes to luxury vehicles, you cannot take a chance with a long-distance relocation. Moving it to the new destination without a single dent or scratch is the measure of success of the transport company you hire. There is a lot you need to know while choosing a service and handling other aspects of luxury car relocation. Here are the facts and considerations that matter.

Distance and time influence the quote

Before specifically discussing luxury cars, it is important to understand how auto transport services actually charge. Distance and time are the factors that determine the amount of money you will have to pay. Obviously, a longer distance translates into a higher quote. When you need this service for a precious vehicle, it makes sense to use the expedited option. Though it may be pricier, it is definitely worthwhile to have your prized car quickly and safely in a new garage.

Shipping at the right time of the year matters

If you are looking to save up a bit on transporting your vehicle, try avoiding the busy periods like summer. This is the time of the year when most families relocate and carriers are often overbooked. Winter, on the other hand, happens to be the best time from the costing perspective. You need not worry about the exposure to snow and ice in transit because your precious one won’t be shipped in an open carrier.

Fuel price and car model are also important

The current cost of fuel is another factor that can make a difference to the transport service cost. Haulers use gas and your final quote will be higher if gar prices are on the higher side at the time you are availing the service. Additionally, the make, model, and age of the automobile also influence the costing. So it is obvious that you will have to pay for your luxury car.

Choosing the right company can make all the difference

Now that you know the pricing considerations, you can go ahead and choose an auto transport company for the job. Choosing one wisely can make all the difference because you need someone you can rely on for taking good care of your luxury car. Check here if you want safe, reliable, and convenient services, that too without worrying about the cost. Prepare a checklist of qualities you would look for in a provider before handing over your vehicle to them. Compare a few and settle for the one that offers trust and quality services, even if you have to pay a little extra. After all, you would not want to hand over your baby to someone who is not good enough.

Get your car ready for long-distance transport

Though you may have hired experts to handle your vehicle, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that it reaches the destination safely. Getting your luxury car ready for long-distance transport requires some basics, from check for any fluid leaks to ensuring that the battery is secure and disconnecting the alarm system. Also, the gas tank should be a quarter full. Make sure that you remove the CD players, radios and car phones and also take out your personal things. Leave the spare tires inside. There shouldn’t be anything that would shift or spill to make a mess inside the car’s interior. Provide a set of spare keys to the crew, just in case.

Shipping expensive vehicles is always a better option as compared to driving them to a new destination. You can save fuel and time, in addition to avoiding the risk and inconvenience of long-distance driving. Auto transport companies have trained experts and the right kind of carriers to protect the vehicles from weather, traffic, and any other kind of damages through long distances. So you can leave the responsibility to them and have peace of mind about your automobile as you travel to the new place.

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