Perfect Ways to Choose the Valentine’s Roses for Your Spouse

Written by Andy Glibert
11 · 13 · 18
How to Choose the Valentine’s Roses for Your Spouse

When the event matters, you want the best. We know that better than anyone. After all, we love Valentine’s Day for more than 90 years. We know that as well when it comes to the most romantic day of the year, the roses are red, long lasting and large heads. Therefore, we have selected a rose that last forever variety for our Valentine’s Day gifts this year; freedom with style, height and position rose is all this. You can make sure that when you choose the design from shop A La Rose, your person will get higher heel from the head while getting all the essential knocks at the door.

Red Roses

On Valentine’s day, red roses are classic for a good reason, they show romance and love, and they are a powerful symbol for many cultures through ages. So, if you are buying that bouquet of Ruby Rose for your closed ones, then ensure that you can stand behind their strong feelings. A dark red blossom makes sense; These are great roses to give with an engagement ring.


When it comes to influencing your person on Valentine’s Day, the size matters! Our rose of choice has a generous head shape and proudly stands at 60 cm, which often splashes many of the lower grade varieties used in supermarket bouquets. With their impressive stature and high petals count, our independence rose is a symbol of luxury.


Red roses are symbols of emotional love; hence there are natural flowers for romantic events. If the effect is that for which you are going, then you cannot go wrong with the freedom rose. It’s in ruby color, and rich comes in the form of sentimental.


On Valentine’s day, there is a big demand for red roses, which can raise prices. This supermarket can be attractive for floral or heavy discounted deals online. However, be careful; If there is any significant discrepancy in amount, then it usually happens for a reason. Cheap bouquets often have lower grades of low roses or roses.

You feel that you are getting good value for money, but a cheap bouquet may have a lack of effect or may not last long. If you want to make the best impression, consider upgrading to the premium roses that last forever.


Independent roses usually have soft buds compared to other cut roses, which means that, as soon as they open, they are full and beautifully shaped. Also, due to being easy on the eyes, our roses stand in time to test. We know because we checked them. We are very assured about the quality of our rose; the bouquets of all our Valentine’s Day come with a five-day freshness guarantee and ensure that flowers that last a year.


We’ve found that Independence Rose is the best choice for Valentine’s Day, but if you want to harvest crops for your valentine (and why not?) In search of people grown in Colombia or Ecuador? These roses are better quality than their counterparts raised in Kenya. Our independence rose is obtained from the most beautiful flower farms of Ecuador and the Colombian mountains.

Where growing conditions are perfect for producing premium red roses that last forever, we know that it is sure to love your Valentine.

Final Thought

This Valentine’s Day, you can go with the expected choice and order a dozen long-stemmed (more expensive) red rose bouquet. Or, you can do a little bit of research, and choose the roses that last forever and expresses your feelings for your person.

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