Things to Know about Virgo Men in Love and Relationships

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Things to Know about Virgo Men in Love and Relationships

If you find out that you are dating a Virgo male, you might want to know more about him. Here are some of the things that you need to know about men with a Virgo zodiac sign.

Basics about Virgo Men

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  • Their element is Earth.
  • They are Mutable Signs
  • They are ruled by Mercury
  • Their date ranges from August 23 – September 22

Their traits include analytical, kind, hardworking, practical and loyal

Their Weakness include: shyness, worrying, and overly critical

They like cleanliness, books, nature, animals, and stability.

They dislike flamboyance, asking others for help, and rudeness.

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Analytical and Observant

They are analytical and observant. This can be because Mercury rules this sign. As the first planet, it can directly observe all the other planets in the solar system. You can always intuitively know that you are in the presence of a Virgo man because it seems like he is quietly studying and dissecting your personality.

Very Organized

Virgo is very detail-oriented and organized. Early in the morning, you might find them writing a to-do list of their day ahead. They have short-term and long-term goals and they have the discipline to work on them. They are earth signs and they can be fixated with the sets of rules that they established. Earth signs are known to be stubborn. Once they set their hearts on something, nothing can shake them from getting it.

Highly Critical and Perfectionists

Most Virgo men tend to be hard on themselves and with other people. If the project is not running smoothly, they tend to see all the reasons why it did not work. Other people can describe them as demanding. Not all Virgo people have the demanding trait, but their critical side can be a chip on anyone’s shoulder in the long run. This is not a totally negative trait. When you have a Virgo on your team, he will make sure that everything is running smoothly and the project will be finished on time.

To sum up the characteristics of a Virgo man, the word would be practical. He sees everything with a logical mind. There’s no sugar-coating involved and he’s a hardworking guy. He doesn’t see emotions as necessary on his everyday life. He tends to be cool, grounded, calm and reserved. When he feels strongly about something, he prefers to keep it to himself.

How Virgo Men Fall in Love

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When a Virgo falls in love, it will take a while before the actual feelings of love sink in. He will ask himself twice a day if he’s really in love. He might even deny the feelings once in a while. Since Virgo men is a mutable sign, they can change their feelings in the blink of an eye.

However, once the Virgo man falls in love with you, expect it for the long haul. You might even begin planning your wedding day because a Virgo is very committed and loyal. He is an earth sign and a perfectionist. He will choose a girl because he knows that she is perfect. He rarely regrets his decisions because he already thought about it a thousand times on his head before choosing his significant other.

Virgo Sign Compatibility

Virgos are compatible with their fellow earth signs namely Capricorn and Taurus. Earth signs are conservative, practical and well-organized. Their everyday lives can be filled with harmony and reaching goals. They are also compatible with Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer. Other zodiac signs will need a lot of work to understand Virgo’s true nature.

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Virgo Love and Sex

Virgo has a deep need to feel understood. They are not normally into one-night stands. They need someone to whom they can show their vulnerability. Virgo men need to feel a deep level of trust to their partner before they can show emotional self-expression.

Virgo males have charming personalities. If they decide to look for casual relationships, they can do so without investing any emotions to the other person. Due to their mutable sign, they are able to overcome their self-imposed restrictions when it comes to sex. This is to say that when they were betrayed or when they haven’t found the right one for them, they tend to search for someone with no strings attached.

What to Expect with Virgo Men

There are many things that you can expect with a Virgo male. Once a Virgo is completely into you, you will have an incredible romance and a stability that you won’t find with other zodiac signs. You will have someone who can provide you the home, comfort and even luxuries that many women are looking for. Expect to have these things with a Virgo:

  • Stable relationship
  • A tidy, clean and beautiful home
  • A well-planned future including insurance
  • A well-balanced checkbook and a well-managed financial account

Final Thoughts on Virgo Men

If you ever find a Virgo man, show him that he can trust you. He has many good traits that he can show you. Be slow, patient and steady in giving your love to him. Over time, he will learn to trust you. You will have a solid relationship with him that can never be easily broken. He is steadfast and loyal. He can solve any problem with his logical and analytical mind. The keys to attracting a Virgo man are honesty, patience, and care. Show him that you are willing to accept him as he is and he will give you the world.

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