How to Do Ombre Nail Art Like a “Pro” At Home

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DIY Ombre Nail Art Like a “Pro” At Home - Lifestyle Glitz

Ombre nail art is surely a “wow trend” and a hot nail art style for fashionista women out there. Are you one of those women who marvels at the nails of models who make it to the front covers of famous magazines? Do you wish that you could do ombre nail art just as they have on your nails? By any chance, is your wallet feeling lighter at the idea of you getting an ombre nail art from a nearby salon? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place!

At lifestyle, eBooks, and blogs, we have the right steps and tips that you can follow to get ombre nails right in the comfort of your home. With simple tools and equipment’s, you can even get perfect pro model-like nails and flaunt them!

Tools you Will Need for Ombre Nail Art

You may not be aware of this, but you have the right tools for a pro ombre nail art in your home! Here’s what you will need for the best results.

  • A base coat
  • White nail polish from any brand
  • 2, 3 or more nail polishes of your choice for the gradient in colors
  • A cosmetic sponge
  • Scissors
  • Topcoat

For this nail art, you can use different nail polishes, however, keep in mind that the polish you apply should have a thin layer for the gradient effect. For the best results, use opaque polishes, which work much better than regular polishes.

Step 1

The initial step is to first prepare your nails for the nail art. Use a nail file, trimmer, and cuticle pusher to clear and shape your nail. Once you have shaped your nails, grab the base coat, and apply it in a three-stroke manner. If you aren’t aware of the three-stroke manner of nail polish application, then here’s how to do it.

Grab the base coat bottle and dip the brush to pick some amount of the polish. Rub the rest on the sides of the bottle and start by applying it from the center of your nails. From the cuticle end, push it to the top. Dip the brush into the polish again and this time, use the brush to stroke the left or right side of the nail. This helps to distribute the polish evenly on the fingernail without leaving brush marks.

Step 2

Once the base coat is dry, use the three-stroke manner of nail polish once again and paint your nails white. The use of nail polish for ombre nail art isn’t really a basic requirement, but it definitely helps to pop up the gradient colors on your nails.

Step 3

The next step is to use the cosmetic sponge, now this is a tricky stage, but first line the sides of your nails with some cream or gel (this makes it easier to clean the smeared nail polish on the sides of your nails). You have to cut out the sponge to a suitable size, one that will cover your entire nail when you use it. (For the gradient effect, you can use any sponge, just ensure it is clean and doesn’t shrink when you apply nail polish on it).

Grab the bottles of your favorite nail colors and apply one color at a time in horizontal stripes on the cosmetic sponge. If you use three nail colors, then apply them on the sponge in ascending or descending manners (from the lightest shade to the darkest or vice versa).

After you apply the shades on the sponge, dab it on your white nails. For a darker effect, you can repeat this until you reach the desired shade you would prefer.

Step 4

At this stage, the nail polish will appear rough on your nails, mainly because of the sponge effect. However, you don’t need to worry! You can easily get the top to appear neat once again with the use of the top coat. Grab some cotton buds, clear the excess nail polish on the sides of your nails, and wipe out the cream or gel. Finally, use the top coat and apply it to the nail.

Let this dry and the result will reveal a neat and shiny ombre nail art, just like the job of a professional at the salon!

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