Jack the Ripper – Revisiting the Gruesome Story

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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The Gruesome Story of Jack the Ripper - Lifestyle Glitz

Jack the Ripper is not a myth, it is not a folklore, and it is not fiction. This character was as real and you and anyone one reading this article are. Bringing this character back to memory is not always a good memory, but it is an important reminder of the past. Some gruesome and very disturbing incidences that happened in Whitechapel (East End of London) between 1888 and 1891 changed the way the world saw the murder.

Murdering anyone is never acceptable in any society. Right from the time of creation, there have been clear instructions about never killing another human. Let us reflect upon the Caine and Abel incidence where two of Adam’s sons fought and Caine murdered Abel. What is more disturbing – The act of taking a life, or the manner in which the murder claims the life? Jack the Ripper left lasting and extremely disturbing memories of the lives he claimed.

Historic Records on Jack the Ripper

The origins of the name ‘Jack the Ripper’ are from a letter that allegedly was from the murder. There is no proof of whether it truly was the doing of the murderer or a media stunt to gain interest and to heighten the curious nature of the murders. The name used in forensic records was the “Whitechapel Murderer” and “Leather Apron.”

What remains a mystery is why Jack the Ripper specifically targeted female prostitutes who worked in the slums of East End of London. He typically slit their throats before removing organs from the body, typically from the abdominal part of the bodies. The nature of the murders led investigators to believe that the murderer had anatomical or surgical expertise.

Between September and October 1888, suspicions that the eleven murders by this particular murderer intensified when media outlets received letters from someone or people claiming that they were the murderers. A letter titled “From Hell” which the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee’s member George Lusk received also had a human kidney accompanying it. The kidney was a preserved piece of one of the victims.

Canonical Five

Out of the eleven murders, five women showed evidence that a single man was behind the murders. This is why the five murders are down in history as the “Canonical Five.” Investigations led the authorities to believe that there was some kind of link between these murders. However, the case could never solve and today what exists are legends surrounded by genuine historical research, some folklore, and some pseudohistory. People often refer to the study of this murder case as “Ripperology.”

Whitechapel and the Ripper

Below is a sketch of the places where eleven victims of the Ripper were at the time of the murder. Most of the murders were in the early hours of the morning and towards the end of the month.

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