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Must-have Apps for College Students | Lifestyle Glitz

Lifestyle Glitz - Must-have Apps for College StudentsOne of the reasons Hyderabad comes alive in an otherwise sweltering July can be ascribed to the rush of teen-energy that college entrants bring with them while rejoining or getting back to college. While most students are Hyderabad residents, an increasing number come in from all across India to pursue higher education in their dream college. At the same time, there is an increase in the number of must-have apps for college students.

Must-Have Apps for College Students Using Mobile Devices

Many of these students are away from home and family for the first time and could be total strangers to the city. They have no relatives and/ or friends to help them get on their feet and find their way around the city. Luckily, for students, a number of mobile apps are now available to provide all kinds of information right from accommodation, to food, to local transport, places to hang out, and safety & security services to make their lives easier, less stressful, and efficient.

Here are a few must-have apps for college students in Hyderabad. Students can download them to simplify things for themselves.

Apps to Keep You Safe and Secure At All Times:

Safety apps are now a necessity and a reality of the times, especially in places Hyderabad. Safety apps have an inbuilt feature where one can mobilize help through their angel/emergency network created on the app via a tap whenever one gets into the situation where road assistance is required, or in cases of stalking, harassment, or in a medical emergency. Apps like One Touch Response, Smart 24X7, Himmat also have strong on-ground responders to come to your rescue whenever you are stuck in difficult situations. The apps are available on-demand via a Toll-Free Number, also on iOS and Android platform.

Apps for Getting Around the City:

Free of charge apps like Riddlr, Trafi, InstaGo, gives you real-time information on available public transport in Hyderabad such as buses, metro, and train with complete timings, cancellations, delays, and alternative suggestions. The information through these apps can be a real time-saver for students who have somehow earned the reputation of always rushing and arriving late to their destination, especially when it’s a class.

Apps to Help You Rent a Place:

Finding accommodation in Hyderabad, especially within locations suitable for students, can be a challenge. Best app to get rooms for rent is the Nest away. They can match your requirement as per your criteria of the budget, location, accessibility to public transport and local market, etc. Usually, the search is quite accurate and quite a time-saver with detailed information on each property and all the amenities available, along with the expected deposit and tenure of tenancy.

Best Ride Apps for Transport: 

For hassle-free transport, download apps like Jugnoo, Ola Auto for calling an auto to your doorstep. You can also pool a cab by booking through Ola, Uber, Meru, and EasyCabs across Hyd. Of course, in using any of these modes, vigilance is a must and therefore apps like the ones mentioned under safety & security at all times are just the buffers one would need. That said; students, at the end of the day, could be sure that they will find the mode of transport that fits their budget.

App to Order Food to Your Doorstep:

Often students are looking for a quick bite with good bargains that can reach their doorstep in no time. To choose from wide variety of menu as per your food preference and budget, with timely delivery there are must-have apps for college students like Zomato, Foodpanda, and Swiggy.

App to Keep Your Notes Secure:

Must have apps for college students like Google Drive,, Dropbox, iCloud, Microsoft OneDrive can help students to keep all their notes and researches material in one place, thereby addressing the fear of losing them or one of them getting mysteriously deleted from the hard drives.

Most of the apps mentioned above are available both on iOS or Android and can be downloaded on your smartphone free of cost, or with a minimal charge, a drop in the ocean, given the peace of mind, efficiency and effectiveness they offer. Of course, in a hugely competitive app market you will also have 3-4 other must-have apps for college students waiting to serve you, should the one you downloaded not suit your requirements.

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