What Food Labels Really Mean [Infographic]

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What Food Labels Really Mean [Infographic]

The store can sometimes be a very confusing place. We can go there with every intention to buy healthy food but with all the confusing food labels and marketing it can be difficult. This infographic courtesy of HappyCleans gives you some insight into how you should interpret these food labels. Hopefully, it will help you to make more informed decisions on your next trip to the store.

For example, many people would see the words natural and organic as having a very similar meaning. However, it’s important to realize that these two words on food labels mean very different things. Remember that organic means that the food must have 95% organically produced ingredients but the word natural has no official FDA guidelines and any guidelines are only recommended.

You should find some useful information in the infographic and it’s so important to know what’s in the food we eat.  Have a read of the full infographic now.

What Food Labels Really Mean [Infographic] 2

Next time you go shopping for food, make sure you check the food labels to check for the components of the packaging. Check for the expiry date and ingredients to make sure it is safe for consumption. Parents especially should pay attention to the kind of food they give their kids to eat. We all live a busy life, depend on instant cooking, and take away foods. Which is why we must pay attention to what we eat and drink in order to live a healthy and safe life.

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