Mandatory Places and Things To Do When Traveling to Chamonix | France

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Places and Things To Do When Traveling to Chamonix, France

Chamonix is a French village in the Alps and wonderful for a short break for a few days, both summer and winter. It is worth staying in the center of the village and exploring its beautiful belvederes and doing some mountain activities. Get ready to know the places to go and things to do in Chamonix.

Lifestyle Glitz - Chamonix1. Getting to the Aguille du Midi cable car

Do not miss one of the world’s most extraordinary belvederes and cable cars. The Aguille du Midi is one of the sharpest peaks in the Alps. Views of the Chamonix valley, the surrounding snowy peaks, Mont Blanc and the glaciers are impressive. It is one of the must-see places in Chamonix.

2. Climb to Brevent cable car

Less mediatic than the Aguille du Midi cable car, Brevent competes with his “rival” in the title of the best views on Mont Blanc. If you have a choice, do both.

3. Paragliding in the Chamonix valley

There are memorable places to do paragliding and Chamonix in the French Alps is one of them. A tandem flight costs about 100 € -120 € / person.

4. Make the Tram of Mont Blanc

In St. Gervais les Bans leaves the Tram of Mont Blanc, a railway line that goes from the village to the Eagle’s Nest, at 2372 m. From there onwards, wonderful rails can be made in summer. The tram stops at Motivon, Beleveu and Col de Voza. The views over the Byonassay Glacier are magnificent. In winter, the tram goes only to the Bellevue Plateau, 1800 m and the ski area of Les Houches. In summer, the tram goes to the Eagle’s Nest. From there, hikers will have access to the Tête Rousse refuge, and authorized and equipped climbers will have access to the Goûter refuge to ascend to Mount White. It’s a magnificent ride.

5. See the Mer de la Glace, the largest glacier in France

Knowing the largest French glacier is a great program but if you combine this with the Mer de la Glace train line it is perfect. The Mer de la Glace glacier is fantastic and the museum on the glacial melt and glaciology that exists there is also magnificent. The views from the belvederes are truly overwhelming. There is a museum of quartz minerals, where you can see some samples. In summer, it is possible to visit the cave on the ice, inside the glacier. In winter, the grotto and the cable car to the cave are closed. Yet it is truly magnificent. The train journey is also very beautiful. The train leaves from Montenvers station in Chamonix, and there are trains at almost all hours.

6. Monte Branco Express

The Mont Blanc Express is a train line between Martigny in Switzerland and Saint Gervais les Bains in France, passing through Chamonix. The railway line was created in 1906 and for over 100 years it has charmed all those who run it. The Mont Blanc Express train line has several stops. There are some in fantastic villages that are worth exploring. The most famous stop is the village of Chamonix which can be an excellent starting point for exploring the line of the Mont Blanc Express.

7. Making foot rails

There are mountain trails and valley trails, both of which are worthwhile. If traveling in winter the rails in the valley are better option as they allow exploring some of the typical villages of the region. In summer, the mountain trails are truly magnificent. Do not waste time, put on the mountain boots and throw yourself into the adventure.

8. Enjoy skiing and snow sports

Rent skis or snowboard and throw yourself into the hundreds of ski runs that exist in the Chamonix valley. There are slopes for beginners and pros. Choose one or several ski resorts and enjoy snow sports in an extraordinary place like the Alps.

Hope you have got some interesting facts about this beautiful place. Why not to explore more about other destinations. There are some beautiful sightings and attraction in Copenhagen. Moreover, some low cost tickets to Copenhagen are available and it’s the best time to explore its attraction.

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