How to Market and Sell: Marketing Tips

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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How to Market and Sell: Marketing Tips - Lifestyle Glitz

Hi… am here once again. A few days back I went to the Sunday market and suddenly I started thinking about the sellers. We as the consumer always know what we want and how much we should pay for the certain product, but have we ever thought about what a seller must be thinking while he is striving to sell one piece off of his cart or shop?

There’s a Seller in You

You know something interesting …. WE ALL ARE SELLERS…. it is indigestible isn’t it J but it IS true… we all continuously selling something all the time, sometimes it’s an idea, an advice, an experience… anything. It is not necessary to have a physical product or any service to sell. Making someone agree with what you are saying is also MARKETING… actually, you are marketing your idea towards your target audience, so that he or she can adopt (or buy) it.

If you pay attention, during a conversation between two common individual one always agrees with the other person’s opinion and then that conversation ends. IF they don’t agree on any idea, then it becomes an ARGUEMENT.

People have the typical mindset that by having a degree in marketing you can be able to sell anything. HOWEVER, I think they are WRONG!

Traits of Marketers

Becoming a marketer is not that hard. You HAVE to have a few traits or qualities in you, which are ALREADY in you; you just have to realize them that are allJ.

  • Firstly … Have confidence in what you are selling

Confidence that your product is the BEST and the others are of no good

Confidence that every single person is in need of your product

  • Secondly … Have positive communication qualities

There are always two ways of saying something – a good way or a bad way. We all agree that nobody (including yourself) wants to hear the bad way, so we all agree that the GOOD WAY OF COMMUNICATION is the only way to communicate effectively.

Here’s a simple example. Consider a HALF GLASS OF WATER. There are two ways to describe it; I will leave it to you to decide which one of these is a good way and which one is a bad way:

  1. Glass is half empty
  2. Glass is half full

Yeah, you are right the second one sounds good and creates a positive energy even if you just read it without paying attention.

Market with Confidence and Communication

We always want to hear good stuff even if there are many flaws there. Who is flawless anyway?

We would all agree that NOBODY is flawless. This means that we all would accept our flaws with dignity, but it doesn’t mean that we should announce them loudly to the world.

Marketers do the same! They communicate confidently and so positively that it leaves an effective impression on your mind. It is a good thing your mind keeps reminding you about it and so you actually start wanting to try the product or service. The marketer’s job is complete!

Today we all strive to get degrees/certifications and be “EDUCATED,” but we should think about the entrepreneurs who are running their own businesses without any external help or qualifications. Have you ever wondered HOW they managed to do so?

The simple answer is CONFIDENCE and COMMUNICATION…

The Market Is Flawed

We usually have our friends telling us that they made fooled by some shopkeeper, or even by a roadside palmist. They may have taken a good amount from your friend. The shopkeeper or the roadside palmist managed to do that because they knew that communicating anything strongly with confidence could make anyone take out the money and amazingly as much money as they want.

Finally, in the conclusion… if you want to be a marketer, focus on the beautiful side of a picture and tell the target audience ‘wow it is SOOO BEAUTIFUL’ J … Be confident and communicate excellently.

Congratulations … The Market is yours!

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