Save Time by Downloading Free eBook templates for Createspace and Amazon Kindle

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
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Save Time by Downloading Free eBook templates

If you are searching free eBook templates that you can use on eBook platforms like Createspace and Amazon Kindle, rest assured that oBooko is the right company you can depend on templates! To make things easier, they provide attractive templates to download for publishers and authors.

The creation of eBooks can be an overwhelming task. It not only means that you need to write the content, but it also means that you have to format and design the content so it appears more professional. The key to having more fans is by the use of attractive templates, which gives eBooks a professional touch and makes people eager to download them.

With the new and slick templates we provide, you will be able to:

  • Choose from the free eBook templates, and also add your own color touches to any of them in some quick steps
  • Create eBooks that look attractive without spending on designer services
  • Spend more time writing some awesome eBooks and worrying less about the right layout
  • Use the cost-free stock images available in the templates
  • Save your eBooks in compatible formats, ready to download on Amazon Kindle, and Createspace.

You can simply download the template that meets the specifications of your free eBook. You can also modify them to any way that seems suitable for you. We have a collection of the best templates, to see their pricing and further details, simply click on the templates.

Download your free template and create the most attractive free eBook right away!

Wondering Where to Begin?

If this is the first time of you writing an eBook, or if you are still deciding and you need some help, feel free to write to our authors. They are always ready to share their experience and help you become an independent and established author as well. They will listen to your ideas, offer some professional suggestions, and even provide materials that you can use to write your own eBooks.

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