Why is Kim Kardashian So Famous?

Written by Aara Jones
6 · 22 · 17
Why is Kim Kardashian So Famous? - Find Out Now!

Apart from being one of the most loved women of our time, Kim Kardashian is a perfectionist and workaholic. Her specialty is marketing herself, which most people fail at accomplishing. Kim K’s obsession is fame and money, is overly cautious about her image in the society, which she has so carefully created over the years.

Her Famous Connections

Her connections are also famous personalities, like her father Robert Kardashian, the big-shot lawyer who was a key person in the OJ Simpson case. Paris Hilton and Kim attended pre-school together. She celebrated her 14th birthday at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. She has connections with many other celebrities, and more than 32 million Twitter followers, which beats Oprah Winfrey’s, CNN’s, and Bill Gate’s followers. Her timing was right, and she used her connections and the paparazzi as an advantage to get into the spotlights at the right time.

Kim Kardashian’s Weapon

Of course, she used the most powerful weapon – Sex.

Sex sells a lot in the cyber world, and she rose to fame when her sex tapes with Ray J “leaked”. This wasn’t the first of its kind of incidence. Many starlets have leaked such tapes in the past to make a name. Kim Kardashian however, has become the embodiment of the American dream.

There’s no doubt that Kim is sexy, photogenic, and has amazing style. Her wardrobe is expensive, and she has never hesitated to flaunt her gifts. The world has witnessed her grow from a girl into a married woman, and then a mother. She has never stopped being outrageously sexy and it never becomes old for her followers. Her most recent escapade was posing nude in the 2014 winter issue of the Paper magazine. This attracted about 15.9 million views on the magazine’s website, whereas, on an average day, they receive about 25,000 views only.

Kim’s Husband Supports Her Sexuality

Her husband is none other than the famous rapper, Kayne West, and he supports her sexuality by posting her photos on his Instagram account. You will find mention of her sex tapes in his raps, showing off their lifestyle.

Kim Kardashian is also an author, and her latest book was, “Selfish”. It is all about her selfies in bathing suits, which is her strong suit – being sexy.

Check it out yourself…

Extravagant and Luxurious Lifestyle

There’s no doubt that glamor attracts people. Kim posts photos of her on a fancy vacation, her private plane, at gorgeous beaches, and at exclusive events. Her followers love to get a taste of her extravagant and luxurious lifestyle.

Kim Kardashian’s name is everywhere and attracts many hits because people have associated her with sexy and she is a must-know-about phenomenon. She even has her own app which has over 28M downloads, so that fans can get the latest updates she posts and can find her anywhere. She launched her own brand of a clothing line, a perfume, and published books too.

There’s no doubt that a personality as that of Kim’s deserves a lot of fame and acknowledgment. If you think you have something special in you, don’t hesitate to market it. It surely works!

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