Adele’s Private Tour of NASA Headquarter by Astronaut Tim Peake

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Adele's Private Tour of NASA Headquarter

On 11 November 2016, Astronaut Tim Peake invited Adele to a private tour of the NASA headquarters. She visited the facility in Houston shortly after her performance, which was part of her world tour. An anonymous source said that some of Adele’s crew accompanied her on the tour with Tim Peake. One of the people accompanying her was singer Amanda Brown, who tweeted “Thank you, everyone, at @NASA and especially @astro_timpeake for an incredible day.”

Adele Visiting Places

Our source also confirmed that she has been visiting lots of tourist attractions on her performance tour around the world. She doesn’t like to perform and leave immediately but wants to visit places.

One of the places Adele visited was the concert in Austin, Texas, to see the songwriter Sia. She didn’t hesitate to share her excitement with the Houston crowd and told them a secret.

“I don’t drink that much, but three beers tipped me over the edge. By the end, I was wearing one of her wigs.”

Adele’s tour is almost at its end after 107 dates. She will be in Phoenix on November 21 so make sure you get the tickets to see her!

Why People Love Adele

Adele is one of the most famous singers who have more than 3.6 million albums in her portfolio. She sings songs with such passion and meaning, they are difficult to ignore. Besides that, her nature is lovable. She is inoffensive and takes everything in a light and positive way. Besides, another undeniable truth about her is that she sounds very different and unlike other pop singers. Her songs always have feelings and she sings really well. The expressions in her voice are too clear and always hit you in the heart. In fact, not just the youth but old people also love her. The Rolling Stone has shared some details about her private life if you’d like to get to know more about this amazing singer.

Adele’s Best Interview – Must Watch

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