Inspiring Quotes from Powerful Lady Bosses

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Inspiring Quotes from Powerful Lady Bosses

It’s no secret that women are at a disadvantage in the workplace. Even though women are, on average, more educated than men, women hold fewer positions of leadership, receive lower pay, and are often subjected to sexual harassment and discrimination. While these inequalities have drastically improved over the last several decades, it’s safe to say women still deserve more. Some powerful lady bosses did leave their mark on history. 

Though gender inequality in the workplace is a prevalent issue around the world, thousands of women work hard every day to reduce the gap between them and their male counterparts. In fact, there are so many women at the top of their fields, revolutionizing industries, innovating and implementing new ideas every day, and paving the way for future generations of powerful lady bosses. 

To inspire and empower you as you climb the corporate ladder, FTD has created an infographic with some words of wisdom from iconic lady bosses like Michelle Obama, Kendra Scott, and Joanna Gaines. Let their lessons guide you as you work to rise to the top of your own game! 

Here’s an infographic you must check out: 

Empowering Reminders from Powerful Lady Bosses

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