How is a womens wrist watch Distinct from the Men’s?

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How is a womens wrist watch Distinct from the Men’s?

Are you going shopping for a wrist watch? Wait are you sure that you are buying the watch because there is a lot of confusion. Sometimes there are so many varieties that people can get confused as to which watch is for males and which are for female. This is because at many occasions the manufacturers make watches that can be worn by both the genders.

Differences between womens wrist watch and Men’s

Like many other things, the womens wrist watch is very different from those of the men. Many differences between the characteristics and appearance make the two types distinct. There must be a lot of things in mind when you go to purchase a watch. It is crucial for the person to the major differences between a female and male watch.

The Design and Style

The design and style of the male watches are according to their built. Most men are muscular so a broad watch suits them. At times men have a slim physique but it doesn’t matter because they are still of different appearances than women. So they can get various designed watches. But for women it is a different case; their wrists are sleek so the watches are slim but have other jewelry accessories.

All about the Straps

The materials that are used for straps for both male and female are the same. The most popular and common material used for straps are plastic, rubber, metal and now even wood is being used. But the difference is in the size and durability of the strap. Men want their watches to be durable but ladies only look for beauty.

Additional Features added

Men love to have additional features in their watches. There are many types of watches that can provide features that are essential for men. In addition to telling time, the watch must have are stopwatch, date and day, built-in compass ad calendar; whereas, women have no time to think about all this.

The size of the wrist matters

The choice of the watch also depends on the wrist size of the person. Women usually have small wrists so the overall size of the watch will be accordingly small. But the wrists of the male are wider so they will prefer a larger watch. This is no rule that if the woman is of good built then she will wear a big watch and the same goes for the men as well.

Parameter of the Dial

The diameter of the dial is directly related to the size of the strap. If the strap width is broader; the size of the case or dial will be large. It will look really out of proportion that the strap is wider but the dial is small. Manufacturers such as Sveston watches design their watches keeping in mind the rule of proportion.

Material that is used

Men watches are very masculine so the material used for a watch should also depict the same. You must have observed that the majority of the male watches have either metal or leather straps. But only a few sports watches have wrist bands made from rubber. On the other hand, women watches have versatility and plastic is also used along with other materials.

Design Stands out

People when it comes to watches are more attracted to the men’s type rather than women. The appearance of the male watch is flashy because the style of the watch is different. The various features of the watch captivate the people. But women’s watches are simpler in design that gives an only plain compliment.

The Heaviness of the watch

Have you ever noticed that the watches of men are heavier than women? The one reason for this is that men are heavier in weight than women so they can carry more weight on their wrists. The delicate wrist of women can’t carry the burden of a heavy watch so lightweight material is used for them.

Jewelry or no Jewelry

It is not a confirmed rule that jewelry items are only for women but in watches, precious metals and gems are exclusively for the females. Various varieties of metals and gems are put into the designs of the watches to give an expensive look but this quality lacks in male watches.

The uses in the past

In the past, the wrist watches were only for the women to wear and pocket watches were meant for the men. But it became very difficult for the men during the First World War to take out the watches front the pockets and see time; so it converted on to the wrist.

The use of Color

Women like to add color to everything they want. This is the reason that you will see splashes of color in their dresses, shoes, accessories and even in womens wrist watch. But men prefer to have neutral colors for themselves.

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