How to Fight PCOS?

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10 · 26 · 19
How to Fight PCOS? | How to Cure and Manage PCOS

Nowadays PCOS becomes the talk due to the sudden increase of infertility issue in Women. PCOS has become one of the important problems that enhance the chance of infertility problem if you haven’t taken care at an early stage. So many IVF centers have been developed due to this issue. Is this a good sign in the medical field? Of course, it is a positive sign for people who work in the IVF center. But women who undergo this treatment would lose her mental peace. Aside she also loses her capacity to get conceived. There are more reasons lies in these terrific problems. On the other hand, PCOS can also be cured naturally by changing your lifestyle.

Take look at the below points to fight against the PCOS

Symptoms of PCOS

If you undergo symptoms like excessive hair fall, unwanted hair growth, irregular periods, overweight, then make sure to visit Best Lady gynecology Doctor in Nellore to get rid of this ailment.

How to get rid from PCOS naturally?

Food is everything

Intake whole food that is unprocessed. For instance fruits, vegetables, grains are whole food that can regulate your blood glucose level.

Intake protein and balance carbohydrates

Humans energy and hormone level are greatly depend on protein and carbohydrates food. Consuming protein enriched food and unprocessed carbohydrate foods produce insulin for your body. For example nuts, legumes and whole grains.

Avoid caffeine

Consumption of coffee creates changes in estrogen level. Go for green tea as it enhances insulin level and also ensures weight management.

Take iron content food

Few women who have PCOS may experience heavy bleeding on their period that may lead to anemia. So add iron content foods like eggs, dates, sesame, spinach, broccoli etc. Some doctors may suggest you take iron supplements to get from this deficiency.

Combo of vitamin D and calcium

Vitamin D is very much important for your endocrine system health. The combination of vitamin D and calcium helps you to get regular periods and ensures ovulation.

Cod liver oil

Cod liver oil consists of omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin A and vitamin D. These fatty acids ensure regular menstrual cycle and get recover from fat in your waist.

Reduce stress

Due to work pressure and surrounding impact creates stress in human being. There are many ways you can get rid of stress that are by doing yoga, taking enough sleep, going for a walk, avoiding coffee, etc.

Regular exercise

Exercise and workouts are very much important to maintain your body weight healthy. On the other hand, don’t do over exercise because it may disturb your hormone level. Always do mild exercise, simple yoga, walking, swimming, and light aerobics are suggested. Take a suggestion from your doctor to make sure which type of exercise benefits your body condition.

Have deep sleep

Disturbance in sleep and late-night sleep increases your stress level and thus leads to disrupt in your hormone levels. Try to get a deep nap for eight hours. Follow a perfect and regular bedtime routine. Mostly avoid heavy foods before bedtime.

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