Wedding Dress Styles: Your Ultimate Guide

Written by Andy Glibert
10 · 25 · 19
Wedding Dress Styles: Your Ultimate Guide

The dress that you wear on your big day is, needless to say, a big deal! This one is usually the wedding decision that causes brides the most grief and stress, it can be such a painful process when it’s not going right! But future brides don’t need to fret, it’s simply a case of knowing what you’re looking for! So, before you get lost in a wormhole of Instagram posts and glossy magazine images, take a little time to understand what you really want out of your wedding dress. Read on for the ultimate guide to finding your dream dress for that big day…

Wedding DressSilhouettes

The silhouette is the main player in the overall impact of your wedding dress, so choose carefully! You’ll need to find something that’s comfortable, flattering and true to your personal style to make you feel amazing. Here are a few popular, classic cuts and shapes that you should keep an eye out for:

Ballgown: The ball gown or princess-cut is known as the classic wedding dress shape. This has a fitted bodice, nipped-in waist and a large, layered skirt. The ball gown is great for balancing out a top-heavy body shape, flattering hourglass shapes or creating some curves on boxier figures.  

Mermaid: This is a glamorous and eye-catching shape. Your mermaid dress will hug your curves and fan out as dramatically at the floor, just like the tail of a mermaid. This is great for flaunting your body and adding some major glam to the big day.

Empire: Empire waist dresses are fitted at the top and then progressively float outwards from the top of the rib cage to the floor. This shape is great for fuller figures who want to feel comfortable, petite women who are looking to create a longer shape or for pregnant brides!

Off the shoulder: This is a beautiful, chic choice for your wedding day. Bardot styles are flattering on everyone, it’s a playful and contemporary choice for a wedding dress, especially great if you are at all self-conscious of your arms.

Sheath: This skims your whole body down to the floor, so it works best on straight or boxy body shapes. The sheath dress is a classic, feminine dress style that looks amazing in satin or silk.

Cocktail: A cocktail wedding dress is a more casual, shorter length style. This is perfect if you’re tying the knot in the height of summer or if you just want to throw a more laid-back wedding. You can find cocktail wedding dresses in lots of cuts, including A-line, off the shoulder and mermaid!


Your next consideration is the neckline, this makes a huge difference to how your dress looks and feels, so it’s definitely worth putting some thought into…

Sweetheart: This is a classic formal dress neckline shape. The bust is in the shape of a heart, showing off your top half and creating a lovely, delicate effect for your dress.

Strapless: Strapless dresses are wonderful, contemporary and look amazing on a minimalist piece. Strapless gowns are great for formal weddings.

Halter: The halter neckline is a contemporary fashionable choice for brides. This is great if you want to flatter your upper arms a little more.

Square: Square necklines look beautiful and very cool on a wedding dress, particularly with a sheath or slip style piece.

Plunging: A V-neck or deep plunging neckline is gorgeous and eye-catching, great for the bride that wants to make a statement!


Explore materials like silk, satin, lace and tulle to find the perfect wedding dress. You’ll find so many options for details, embellishments and even colors, it’s all about choosing something that feels, you!

Be sure to explore a variety of wedding dresses to find your perfect fit!

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