Incredible Easter Party Ideas For Adults

Written by Rohani Egbert
2 · 09 · 20
Incredible Easter Party Ideas For Adults

The new year has begun, and it’s time to prepare for Easter. If you’ve been celebrating the Easter the same old-fashioned way all these years and yearn for something more exciting this year, then this is your lucky day.


Without exaggerating any further, here are some incredible Easter party ideas for you to try this year.


Try Easter Shots This Year

This game is sure to entertain your guests during the party. Get some empty plastic egg-shells from the nearest store. You can fill these with the spirit or you can put some jellies in it. The game is pretty simple. You can pair your Easter shots with a truth or dare game, and whoever loses has to take a shot. To make it more interesting you can also pour some putrid drinks just to make it more challenging.


Indulge in Some Savvy Hunt-Games

Unlike the same old egg-hunt that you host each year, why not make it a bit tough for the contenders? Well, you can hide eggs in more intricate places, say your wardrobe or your bedding, instead of scattering them in your lawn. Now, hand over a list of clues to the competitors and let them solve the riddles to score maximum eggs.


You can Host a Pool Party

This might sound a bit odd at first, but it’s just like any other party that you host. Perhaps more interesting, since it’s Easter day. You can flaunt your lavish lifestyle and have fun with your friends plunging and swimming in your pool. Garry Thomas of Thomas Studio ( says that one way to add luxury to a home is to include an indoor pool. Of course, an indoor pool can let you binge party all day long without having to worry about your neighbors complaining.


You can try Bar Hopping

In case you don’t want to celebrate your Easter day at your place, you can also try bar hopping. Well, the term itself makes more sense. But, to make it more interesting you can ask your friends to dress up like bunnies. It sounds fun. Right? Now, you can plan a route and include some challenges amidst the route as well.


Why not Organize a Bible Quiz?

This one is for those who wish to celebrate a sober easter. Believe it, this could be way more fun than getting high. Since easter day is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, why not organize a quiz related to his life? Put up questions from old and new testaments. Or to make it more difficult, you can also put up questions from the Hebrew Bible.


BYOB Parties are Always Fun

Do not confuse this with ‘bring your own beer’ or even ‘bring your own book’. BYOB is ‘Bring Your Own Bible‘. If you and your friends are into Catholicism, then this could be the most fun thing you can organize. Simply ask your friends to bring their own Bible and you all can have a reading session together.


In the end, make sure that all your guests are responsible and at least above 20 years in age. So that you and your guests can enjoy these fun ideas without spoiling the festivities for you or your guests or anyone for that matter.

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