What Are The Common Causes Of Blocked Drains?

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What Are The Common Causes Of Blocked Drains?

A well-functional drainage system is a must for any home. It becomes important that you must have a seamlessly running drainage system. Regular cleaning and check on the drain pipes will help you in keeping the problem of a blocked drain at bay. Knowing about the reasons for blocked drain can help in solving this problem.

Common Causes for Blocked Drains:

1. Debris from outside

The small objects from outside like plastic or wrappers or leaves may start accumulating inside the drain. While most of us take care of the same, there is a greater possibility that some of the objects escape gauge and pass into the drain. Accumulation of these objects will result in blockage of drains.

2. Heavy rains

Stormwater either in the form of rain or snow is not in our control. Overflowing of this water into the drain system can sometimes adversely impact the functioning of the drainage system. There is a probability that there is a huge influx of water as compared to the capacity of the drainpipes. This also results in blocked drains.

3. Root infiltration

Sometimes having a poor quality drainage pipe is bad, because the growth of roots of trees may easily infiltrate them. These roots penetrate into the pipe along with mud. This may create a blockage in the pipe, thus resulting in blocked drains.

4. Wrong installation of pipes

Sometimes poor installation of pipes can lead to blocked drains. Many homeowners get into the DIY, and they do the installation of pipes themselves. It may sometimes not prove right, and this will lead to blockage of the drain. Hence, it always advisable that you must seek the assistance of a professional plumbing company for the same.

Contacting a Plumber In Case Of Blocked Drains:

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As we have mentioned above, misaligned pipes or broken pipes can be the reason for blocked drains. To overcome this, it is important that you must contact a good plumbing company that can guarantee the right installation of the pipeline and look for the probable causes for blocked drains. Here are certain points that will help you in choosing the right plumber:

1. Look for an Experienced Company

One of the first things that you must be looking at is hiring a professional company that can inspect and identify the cause of your blocked drains. Whether it is about laying a new pipeline or repairing the old one; you would need the assistance of a good plumbing agency. They know the right way to do the work and thus ensuring that the pipeline is working fine.

2. Check the Reviews and Ratings

It is important that you must check the reviews and ratings of the company before hiring their services. It makes it easy for you to find out about the portfolio of their work. Many websites will give you a glimpse into the portfolio of the plumbing companies. You can review it and then avail their services. However, before avail their services, you must check their license, experience, and customer reviews.

3. Don’t Forget To Ask the Cost

It is important that you must ask the cost of repair work from the plumbing company. For example, if there is a need for the relining of the draining pipe, the costing would be different. Similarly, if it’s a minor repair, the cost would differ. Hence, you must enquire about the pricing beforehand.

Blocked drains can sometimes prove to be a nightmare for the homeowners; in such cases, it becomes important that you must have the number of a professional plumbing company handy with you. Regular checks on the drainpipes can also help in preventing the problem.

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