Ideas for an Extra Room in Your Home

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Ideas for an Extra Room in Your Home

Unlike other rooms in your home, the extra Room in your home doesn’t have a set purpose, which gives you the freedom to do anything you want with it. Whether you need space for work, a home fitness center, or just a place to chill and enjoy a book or a movie, it is up to you!

Home gym

How many times have you used the same “it’s too far” or “traffic is terrible” excuses to avoid going to the gym? If the answer to this question is “a lot,” consider using the extra Room in your home to create a home fitness center. Yeah, some of these machines, like a treadmill or an exercise bike can be quite expensive. However, for start, all you need is a clear space and a yoga mat. As the idea of a home gym grows on you, you can slowly equip it and create a fully functional home fitness center. Just make sure that your new fitness area has a good number of windows, as this type of activity requires a lot of fresh air.

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Reading room

Reading is a very popular activity since forever, and it always will be. No matter how developed and entertaining technology gets, everybody enjoys a good book printed with ink on paper. There is just something special about turning the pages while reading about your favorite characters. Since this activity requires a quiet and private space to fully concentrate and focus on the story of the book, we often use the bedroom, basement, or even the porch for reading. So, why not use the extra Room in your home as a home library?

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You can get all the privacy and seclusion that you need in this room. Make sure it’s practical by installing bookshelves and equipping the space with a comfortable and relaxing chair that has a place to put your feet on. Lighting is an important thing to have in mind when creating a home library as well. Try decorating your home library with a “no cellphone” sign for fun.

Home theatre

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In most homes, big screen TVs are the focal point of a living room and more than often all furniture is facing toward it. Which is a great thing, as your friends and family can sit and watch a game, a movie or even go through a digital photo album together. But have you ever consider creating a room just for that purpose? Home theaters are very popular and an uprising trend. For example, in Sydney, luxury homebuilders are considering home theaters as necessary and they are already in the drawings in early architectural phases. Use the extra Room in your home as a home theater, and equip the space with comfortable furniture and special lights with dimming functions. A popcorn machine is a great idea as well.

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Playing area

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Getting tired of all the toys and constant mess from your kids in a living room? The trouble of having your guests jump over toy cars and stuffed animals just to sit down. Reclaim your living space area and create a special playing room for your children in the extra Room in your home. They will enjoy it as much as you will, as you can get very creative and imaginative while decorating it. Consider their favorite cartoon for a wallpaper theme or paintings, colorful cabinets for toy storage area, or even a jumping area made of a dozen of pillows.

Gaming room

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Why not have a separate room just for fun? You can create a space especially set up just for entertainment, a place for arcade games, pinball machine, pool, table tennis, poker table, darts… Of course, video games consoles are something that every modern gaming room must have. Have a table for board games and cards as well, as this would be a great way to gather around you family and have fun.

Depending on the budget and space, you can go wild and even install a mini bowling alley. You can set up a bar with barstools in the extra Room in your home, because it would be a great area for that. Beer and other refreshing beverages are necessary in any entertaining space.

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