Treating Dengue at Home: Amazing Home Remedies to Follow

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Treating Dengue at Home: Amazing Home Remedies to Follow

Studies have proved that there is no proper way of curing the dengue fever, but there are a number of remedies that can help in dealing with the symptoms that a patient normally shows. These remedies include using barley grass, neem leaves, goldenseal, papaya, coriander, orange juice, water, basil leaves, pomegranate juice, and fenugreek. They help manage the conditions but using them does not exactly mean treating dengue at home is possible.

An infected Aedes mosquito spreads dengue, and it is known to affect many people each year. The symptoms that are there include rash, headache, and fever. These three symptoms are collectively known as the dengue triad.

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Preventing Dengue Fever

One of the most important forms of treating dengue at home is by preventing it in every possible way. However, it is not an easy job to fend off the annoying mosquitoes. You can follow these three preventive strategies to protect yourself from the Aedes mosquito.

  • You should eliminate standing water, as this is where the mosquitoes breed.
  • If you live in a tropical or wooded area, you should apply the mosquito repellents not only inside and around your home but also on your clothes as well as the exposed portion of your skin.
  • Try to keep your skin covered and sleep in an enclosed area, which will keep the mosquitoes from biting you.

Effective Remedies for Treating Dengue at Home

Despite all the measures that you take, if an Aedes mosquito bites you, you can suffer from dengue fever. Doctors recommend performing the ELISA test to find out if you are actually affected by the dengue virus. If you visit reputed and trusted websites like MyBioSource, you can go through the details of the ELISA test, and understand how it is performed at the laboratories. If you find out that the results are positive, you can consider the following remedies for treating dengue at home so that you can recover soon.

Barley grass

Barley grass is known to possess the unique ability to increase the blood platelets significantly. Patients can start drinking barley tea, or they can also chew barley grass. Within two or three days, there will be an increase in the count of platelets. Furthermore, barley grass is capable of getting rid of certain serious consequences as well, thereby keeping a patient safe. It helps with treating dengue at home and has been in use for centuries.


Goldenseal has received praises from a number of homeopathic physicians, as it is capable of clearing all the symptoms that are accompanied by dengue. It is capable of eliminating the deadly virus from the body, thereby allowing you to get back the lost strength. It helps in easing the fevers, headaches, nausea, vomiting, and chills. It can help you treat dengue at home within a few days only.


During dengue, the body starts losing a lot of fluids and there are chances that you will be dehydrated. Water helps in easing certain symptoms like muscle cramps and headaches. Furthermore, it helps in flushing out toxins from the body. Your body loses a lot of water. This is why, when you are treating dengue at home, encourage the patient to take a lot of water.


You have to remember that most of the times the fever is not dangerous. However, you should do everything you can to keep yourself safe. Apart from taking all the medicines prescribed by your doctor, you can follow these remedies to get well faster. Remember these remedies do not cure the condition but help treating dengue at home by controlling the symptoms.

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