How to Choose Best Flea Fogger for Your House

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How to Choose Best Flea Fogger for Your House

Knowing that your house is being infested by fleas is such a nightmare. However, that’s something you should expect if you have a dog or cat as a pet. Fleas are parasites that reside on a furry coat of pets and make a living by sucking host blood. They are pretty tiny in size but able to jump at a remarkable distance. If you notice a couple of fleas in the house, don’t ever think that there are just a few of them. There should be a bundle of eggs, larvae, and pupae waiting for favorable conditions to turn into adult fleas. Various methods could be used to remove fleas and one of which is flea fogger. This article will guide you through the ways to choose the best flea fogger for your house.

What is Flea Fogger?

Flea fogger or flea bomb is pesticide with chemical ingredients that are a toxin to fleas. The product is generally used to fight against other types of pest such as cockroaches, ants or mosquitoes. There are a number of component chemicals in flea fogger that targets at kill fleas or other pests, but not so toxic to human and pets. Nevertheless, breathing in or direct contact with the chemicals should be avoided. Flea fogger stands out to be the most popular choice of homeowners in case of a flea infestation due to its convenience in use, economical price, and effectiveness in treating the insect. However, it is open to question how to choose the best flea fogger for your house. Let’s get to find out.

Choosing the Best Flea Fogger

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Brand name

There are a number of brands on flea control, but one of the most well-known could be Raid – a brand belongs to SC Johnson Company. Raid is an enemy to flying and crawling insects such as ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches, and fleas. The chemicals may penetrate well into cracks or upholstery that is a perfect hiding place to fleas. Raid will help to wipe out the invasion of fleas in your house for the first use and it’s effective in preventing fleas for the next 2 months.

Egg control

Some flea foggers kill adult fleas but leave flea eggs safe. You should consider buying a flea fogger that can eliminate flea eggs as well for a simple reason that those eggs could soon turn into mature fleas and your house will be infested again. Read the description of the product you intend to buy to see if it serves the purpose of killing both fleas and their offspring, particularly eggs.


The coverage of the chosen flea fogger is one of the important factors you should take into account when deciding on the purchase of the product. The rationale for this lies in the adverse effect the toxins may have in the house if no targeted areas are contaminated with. The product that centers on the infested areas should be the right choice. Consult the seller about this or do a simple research to have the best flea fogger for your house.


Pricing is one factor you need to care about when buying any product, let alone flea fogger. Some products could be expensive, but the quality may not worth the price or the product features do not match your requirements. A good tip on weighing different flea foggers in terms of price is looking for reviews and price comparisons online. Those who have experienced using a product may comment on the product review parts and there you should go for your reference.

Above mentioned factors regarding choosing the best flea fogger for your house should be sufficient for your consideration. It is best if you can handle things naturally without resorting to chemical products. However, if you do need a flea fogger for your flea trouble, what has been discussed in the article could be of little help to you.

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