How to Apply For a Spouse Visa UK from Pakistan

An applicant whose husband or wife is residing in the UK having British nationality or Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK can apply for UK entry clearance or settlement visa application in order to obtain the spouse visa UK.

A considerable number of UK spouse visa from Pakistan are refused on the basis of lack of knowledge of UK spouse visa requirements. The applicants who intend to live with their spouses in the UK are unaware of the complete documentation and spouse visa UK requirements when applying for the visa. Most of the time, applicants attempt to apply for Spouse Visa UK on their own with incomplete knowledge, which does not go in their interest for spouse visa UK application from Pakistan, resulting in refusals. Another reason for their visa refusal is the hiring of a visa consultant with partial knowledge of UK Immigration Rules and UK Home Office Policies. It is important to hire best UK immigration lawyer in Pakistan for UK spouse visa application. UK Visa Consultants having a team of best UK immigration lawyers in Lahore can consul you on your UK settlement visa application to obtain spouse visa UK from Pakistan.

UK Spouse Visa

This article is intended to shed light on aspects which people have in mind while applying for spouse visa UK from Pakistan. There are some requirements that need to be met prior to applying for spouse visa UK from Pakistan which are mentioned below:

  • Applicants willing to obtain spouse visa UK from Pakistan along with the sponsor should provide evidence of being 18 years or above, that they are in a genuine relationship, of having met in person and that they intend to live together permanently.
  • Financial evidence by the sponsor is required of having earned £18,600 during the course of last 12 months plus the additional £3400 for the first child and £ 2400 hundred for each additional child. This amount could be earned through self-employment, employment, pension, savings and other specified sources of income. Maternity allowance or bereavement income received by the partner of the applicant in the UK, could also be made use of. Disability Living Allowance, Severe Disablement Allowance, Industrial Injury Disablement Benefit, Attendance Allowance, Carer`s Allowance & Personal Independence Payment could also be utilized if the applicant’s sponsor is entitled to any of these. The applicant for spouse visa UK does not need to provide any specific level of earnings if the above mentioned financial criteria are met and will only need to provide evidence of having sufficient funds for the maintenance and accommodation without resorting to public funds in the UK. However, the sponsor would be required to provide evidence of adequate accommodation for the applicant’s residence.
  • UK Visa Consultants having a team of best UK immigration lawyers in Pakistan can guide you with your visa application to obtain spouse visa UK from Pakistan.
  • In addition to this, the applicant for UK spouse visa from Pakistan should clear an English language test of A1 level in order to qualify for settlement visa application. However, the applicant who has attained Bachelors, Masters or PHD degree taught in English, belongs to an English speaking country, is over 65 years of age or has any mental or physical disability is exempted for the English Language Test requirement. A TB test is also required.

Once the above-mentioned requirements are met and the applicant qualifies to apply for spouse visa UK, he/she may fill the online UK Visa application with the required documents. It is advisable to hire best UK immigration lawyers in Pakistan to get complete assistance on documentation and preparation of a strong cover letter.

Some cases might have complications which only a best UK immigration lawyer can provide a solution for. UK Visa Consultants having a team of best UK immigration lawyers in Pakistan can assist you with your visa application to obtain spouse visa UK from Pakistan. Our team of best UK immigration lawyers has in-depth knowledge of UK immigration rules and experience of handling complex cases resulting in a high success rate.

After the submission of spouse visa UK application to the High Commission, the turnover time is approximately 12 weeks. On approval of the application, the applicant is given entry clearance for 33 months and then extension by leave to remain for 30 months. The applicant can further apply for indefinite leave to remain once the above mention tenure is completed.

Do you get a British passport if you marry a British citizen?

An applicant married to a British citizen can apply for a British passport through Naturalisation application once has spent the relevant time period in the UK.

The applicant who is granted British Citizenship is entitled to enjoy all the benefits such as working in the UK & residing there permanently, casting vote, receiving public funds and raising dependants in the UK. Attaining British Citizenship requires an applicant to follow specific UK immigration rules.

It is recommended to consult best UK immigration lawyer for your UK spouse visa from Pakistan to be successful. UK Visa Consultants provide authentic advice to their valuable clients as they have in-depth knowledge of UK Immigration Rules and UK Home Office Policies, and experience of over fifteen years of successful practice in this regard.

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