Fabulous Jewellery Styling Tips (Up your Jewellery Game!)

Written by Andy Glibert
9 · 16 · 19
Fabulous Jewellery Styling Tips (up your jewellery game!)

Jewellery is one of the best ways to dress yourself up and feel your most beautiful. Wearing single pieces can look very elegant, however, sometimes you need a little bit of a shakeup! Finding new and exciting ways to wear your jewellery will reinvigorate your collection, wardrobe and overall personal style! Here are a few fabulous styling tips to follow if you’re looking to up your jewellery game: 

Layer Up!

Layering really is the best way to kick your jewellery game up a notch! Although minimalism is always stylish, it can get sleepy after a while. Add some excitement to your everyday looks by stacking your jewellery collection! This can apply anywhere in any jewellery category (if you have multiple ear piercings, that is!) For rings, mix up different gemstones and materials, bracelets look best when like is stacked with like (aka chain bracelets with chain bracelets!) For necklaces and earrings, you have a little more freedom. Mix pendants, colours and lengths for a truly ethereal vibe! Remember to stick to daintier styles, anything too statement won’t pair well with the rest of your jewellery and will make you look a little chaotic. 

Embrace Trends

Sometimes, leaning into trends is risky or a waste of money because they move in and out so quickly, but the beauty of jewellery is that the movements are usually slow and incredibly stylish! Some of the latest of the moment styles include delicate layers, pretty pearls, creative ocean-themed pieces, chunky gold accents and boho-inspired treasures – which all sound pretty gorgeous, right? Engage with your favourite trend pieces and collect! As long as you aren’t purchasing anything too dramatically different, your jewellery collection is likely to work perfectly. Scroll through some new in jewellery to see what’s fresh on the scene! 

Harmonise Tones

Harmonise two different colours to put together an interesting and creative look! Introducing two complementary colours will make you look well styled and well dressed, immediately. Try interesting pairings like green and cream, pink and tortoise and blue with gold! You’re going to look unique, fashionable and put together, no matter what outfit you’re wearing!  

Cohesive Colouring

This is the complete opposite of the last tip, but still very stylish! If your jewellery has embellishments, beading, colours or resin, it can be fun to create one cohesive look for yourself. Wearing one universal tone looks incredible on playful or adventurous outfits, and sometimes it can introduce a contrast within your whole look. For example, if you’re wearing an all black outfit, a white or cream jewellery look will contrast beautifully. 

Mix & Match

Feel free to get playful with your styling! Mixing and matching materials and metals will highlight pieces that you might not even have considered before! Mix gold, silver, resin, metal and beads to create a truly stunning, eye-catching look! This one tends to go best with a minimal outfit, mixed jewellery and loud colours or prints will be way too visually overwhelming.

Get Creative

Always, always, always allow yourself to be creative and have some fun when you’re styling your jewellery! Putting together a stylish ensemble can get difficult and really frustrating, but it’s important to allow yourself to relax and explore what’s going to work for you and your wardrobe. Getting dressed should be enjoyable, your look should be an extension of yourself! So, don’t get stuck in rules or trends, just chill and follow your taste, you’ll feel amazing!

Dressing and accessorising should be all about feeling yourself, so always trust your instinct! Happy styling everybody!


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