Damaged Roof – Possible Causes And How To Make A Claim

Written by Rohani Egbert
9 · 18 · 19
Damaged Roof - Possible Causes And How To Make A Claim

The roof over your head is the best protection that you can have. But do you know, the protective shield against damages can be damaged? Yes, it can be and leave you exposed to various levels of dangers such as weather conditions, and animal attacks. You cannot live with a damaged roof.

Of course, you wouldn’t want that to happen to your home. But the question is how do you protect against the possible causes of damage to your roof?

The simplest possible way to understand your options is to understand what can possibly damage your roof.

  • Natural Forces Are Always At Work

The worst of all are the natural agents that can ruin the shape and face of your roof. These natural forces are totally out of control and what possibly you can do is to invest in materials that can sustain against these forces.

  • Damage due to storm

Storms are the third largest cause for roof damages, according to the sources at insurance institutions. With storms, heavy debris and objects can break your roof shingles into pieces. Likewise, there are heavy rains, which can seep into cracks and open them even wider which can further extend the damage to your roof. The best practice is to look out for sealing agents that can withstand these natural forces.

  • Hailstorms

The next in queue is the dreary hailstorms. They are already famed with damaging precious monuments and other such artifacts. The reason is the size and force that hail falls with. Hail can damage your roof shingles, gutters, vents, and fences. There is potentially very little that you can do to avoid damage due to a hailstorm. But what you can do is to hire a professional such as Boise roofing company for the repair of your hail damaged roof. These professional experts can identify the damage caused and repair it to perfection since they are sophisticated with the latest technology and equipment.

  • Extreme Winds

The American sub-continent is prone to storms and strong winds. That is the reason why houses in the region are built using shingles. These are easy to replace and cheaper. But what you can do to avoid damage to your roof due to extreme winds is choose the right material for your roof. For example, shingles made out of concrete can provide weight against heavy winds, but they cannot sustain hails and storms. Whereas, steel or composite shingles can provide protection against hails but not winds. What you should be looking for is the right material according to the plausibility of these events in your region.

  • The Aging Process Cannot Be Outrun

Regardless of the natural factors at play, the age of your roof can turn it prone to cracks and damage. And there’s nothing much you can do to avoid the natural aging of your roof. Having said that, you can consult with a local construction or roof repair company in your region to assess regular maintenance cycle for your roof. 

  • Process For Insurance Claim for Damaged Roof

A simple yet effective strategy to avoid all the stress caused due to a damaged roof and the costs associated with its repair is to purchase insurance for the same. The insurance companies tend to cover these costs, in the face of any such damage. All you need to do is pay the company a small premium in order to claim compensation when needed.

In case you already have roofing insurance and are looking to make a claim, here’s a step-by-step guide for you to easily make your claim.

  • Get an Estimate for the Repair

The very first step is to get an estimate for the repair. You can contact a local expert on roofing repairs and ask them for the same. The roofer, will ask to assess the damaged roof and provide you with the complete breakdown of the cost for consumables and the labor involved in the repair.

  • Contact Your Insurance Provider

Now you need to contact your insurance provider and share the estimate with them. But before you contact your insurance provider, make sure that your insurance policy covers the damages caused. Often, insurance providers are reluctant to process a claim due to hailstorms and heavy rains.

  • Consult the Representative for Deductibles and Other Compensations

The representative from your insurance company will thoroughly go through the documents and estimate. After careful investigation, they will provide you a complete breakdown of the deductibles and the net compensation that you are liable to receive.

  • Contract the Roofer for Repair

It’s time you hire your roofer to carry out the repair job. It is noteworthy that your insurance provider shall provide you with two checks, one for the consumables at the time of repairing, and the second after the job is done.

A damaged roof can leave you sleepless through nights. It is best to seek timely maintenance for your roof, rather than seeking repairs after the damage has been caused.

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