Why EBook Readers Are Not a Growing Trend in Pakistan

Written by Aara Jones
6 · 13 · 17
Why EBook Readers Are Not a Growing Trend in Pakistan

It’s disappointing for Pakistanis like myself who realize that India is taking the lead on the latest trends. One of such trends that are on the rise in India is the use of EBook Readers. While the Indian youth is keen about reading and increasing their knowledge through readership, the Pakistani youth has taken no interest in reading. This is why; EBook Readers are NOT a growing trend in Pakistan, but a failed market even before it could launch in the proper sense. This doesn’t mean that Pakistan is far behind India in terms of technology; the problem is that the youth lack an interest in reading and using readers for online reading.

Is Accessibility The Problem with EBook Readers?

The problem is not accessibility to EBook Readers! It is not lack of information about this new piece of technology. The problem is that the youth doesn’t realize the importance of using such technology to self-educate them. There was a time when people used hard copies or printed books to read and make use of their spare time. Sadly, the tradition of using hard copies is starting to vanish worldwide. An increasing number of people are opting for digital books worldwide, but in Pakistan, people are abandoning the old tradition of reading hard copies, and at the same time are not embracing digital books either.

Why Not Digital Books?

Pakistan is a country where parents want their kids to study and become professionals. They want the youth to progress; however, when it comes to using modern technology there is a clash in ideologies and preferences. Parents who are new to the idea of using EBook Readers, Tablets, iPads and similar technology have too many fears. These fears are blinding them to the numerous benefit of using modern technology.

Another reason for their reluctance to allow their children to use such technology is the fear of the cyber world. What Pakistani’s have gained over several years is a remarkable reputation for misusing the privileges of the internet. Instead of teaching our youth to use technology responsibly, parents focus on their fears about exposure to adult content online, engaging in online dating, and similar issues in the society and in the world at large. What parents fail to understand is that these problems are not just in Pakistan. With some proper antiviruses and parental control apps installed on their kids’ mobile devices, they can allow them to use EBook Readers without lingering fears.

If parents use technology responsibly, they can set an example for the youth to follow. Fearing technology is only holding the youth back from self-educating and developing a keen interest in reading.

The World Is Going Digital While We Are At A Loss

Countries like the U.S., UK, Canada, India, and many others worldwide appreciate the idea of preserving our planet. Felling trees to make papers is something that raised many concerns not too long ago. When technology allowed people to read books online, many nations decided to stop using trees to make paper and stop wasting the gifts of nature. Our planet needs trees to help us preserve the ozone layers we have remaining. Pakistan has not adopted the idea of “Going Green.” This is why we are not in pace with the world. Countries that have adopted this idea are using digital books more than printed copies.

Digital books are cheaper and last forever. Now books don’t have to occupy a lot of space in the house. You can have a digital library at your disposal and access it anytime and anywhere, using your PC or other mobile devices.

To sum it up, the use of EBook readers is not a growing trend in Pakistan because there is hardly enough awareness about its advantages. People need to understand and embrace the positive sides of technology. Unless we begin now, we will always remain in the back seat while other countries take the lead in technological advancement and knowledge.

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