The 100-Years Long Journey of San Diego Zoo In 2016

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6 · 13 · 17
San Diego Zoo 2016 - A 100-Years Long Journey

Each year, the San Diego Zoo hosts close to 3.5 million visitors from all over the world. It has made a name in the world as one of the best-known attractions in San Diego and is celebrating 100 years since its founding. This year, 2016, has become a special year for the zoo, and its celebrations continue throughout the year. If you haven’t already visited it, then make sure you do before the year runs out.

How did the zoo survive for a century? Let’s find out the secret to its longevity and fame. There’s no doubt that it’s all about teamwork, everyone in the zoo plays an important role. The person on the microphone, the one caring for the pandas, the one operating the giraffe puppet in the nighttime parade – everyone matters.

On 23 July, the Union-Tribune daily paper had the privilege to enter the Zoo with the zoo’s official’s permission to see what goes on behind the scenes. Titled a “Day in the Life” the publication covered all the aspects of zoo management showing how hard the team works. The animals there are surely safe.

The San Diego Zoo is Home to 3,700 Different Species

The founder of the zoo, Harry Wegeforth, had built the place in the best way he could, stole a backyard pet alligator, trapped Pelicans when he flew to the Salton Sea and paid the local residents to bring snakes for his collection. This is how the San Diego Zoo began a hundred years ago and Wegeforth never planned to have an “ordinary zoo”. He never imagined how broad the zoo’s collection would back then, with more than 3,700 different species ranging from Sunburst diving beetles as small as three-fourth inches to elephants that are 10-foot tall.

This can be a great opportunity to watch the pandas in their natural habitat.

You can see the Meerkats in their natural habitat, capturing lizards and fighting off snakes, and nurturing their babies in a natural setting.

The King of Beasts is also part of the zoo and one of the most important pets of the San Diego Zoo. The zoo keepers are always there to share information about their lions.

Today, there is a lot more to see here, and still room for some unexpected members of the family. The zoo expects a baby Sichuan takin, which they have to bottle-feed, a pregnant tamandua, and a mousetrap tree from Madagascar, sent by a German botanist at California. Wegeforth probably never imagined all that goes on behind the scenes to keep his dream alive long after he passed away. He surely never imagines how busy and unpredictable the day would be for people at his zoo.

The nutritional assistant checks the list of food she has to deliver around the San Diego Zoo in the morning. There is a schedule for everything.

Koalas eat 2 pounds of eucalyptus every day

Watch a Baby Takin Feed

If you visit San Diego, it would be a shame to miss the 100th anniversary of a historic zoo, so make sure you visit.

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