Eat Right, Feel Right: Food for Your Age (Women Only)

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Women Only - Eat Right, Feel Right: Food for Your Age

With age, our digestion becomes slower and we bring changes to our diet just so we can feel right. We (women) also come across new spices and aromas, which make way for our meals.

However, are you providing your body with the required nutrition according to your age?

A nutritionist, Ella Allred’s recommended nutrients for women of every age group, which we shall discuss today.
The Young Flower; Teenagers

As a girl blooms from her baby days into her youth, she becomes the focus of all eyes. Everyone wishes to see how beautiful she turns out to be. The young girl herself also becomes cautious of how she appears to those around her, combined with the social media pressure of “perfect body” on the women.

To reach size zero, (the desirable shape), girls opt for severe diets. Freeing their body of any useful minerals and vitamins needed for their proper growth. For this age, Ella lays focus on:

  • Magnesium and Calcium rich foods that help the bones. (Nuts, whole grains, seeds, and green leafy vegetables)
  • Omega 3 fats for the production of hormones. (oily fish, flax and chia seeds)
  • Fiber and zinc to enhance the skin. (fruits and vegetables)
  • Protein rich foods for growth and development. (eggs and chicken)
  • Almond milk instead of cow’s milk because it simply tastes better!

Fresh figs as a source of calcium.

It is not necessary to eat these foods in their usual form; you can make vegetable smoothies including the trending spinach smoothie:

Party Animal; Early to Mid-20s

The 20s period is famous for bringing out the animal in a person, the odd hour parties, crazy risk, and thrills. Food people eat at this age is mostly garbage; tortilla chips at a party, a margarita at home. Living at leftovers is not the way to go. What should you eat? Here’s a hint:

  • Food rich in vitamin B will support your exploratory routine and make it easier for your body to survive your late night alcoholic parties. (mushrooms, eggs, green leafy vegetables, kale chips and fish)
  • Sufficient iron to make up for the loss of (sunflower seeds, nuts, fish, and beef)

Working Women; Mid to Late 20s

At this age, women are often too busy changing their passion into a successful livelihood and looking for a new friend or even a romantic interest. In order to deal with your hectic, fast-paced life you should:

  • Increase intake of magnesium rich foods, which help the body to unwind and face tough situations. (beans, avocados, dark chocolate and whole grains)
  • Avoid sugar and coffee because they drain your magnesium stores.

The Family Women; 30s to 40s

After building up their career and focusing on their love life, women may want to start a family at this age. For someone starting a family or for future pregnancies:

  • Diet revolving around folic acid. (spinach, kale, asparagus, beans and citrus fruits)
  • Daily intake of citrus fruits and two servings of green leafy vegetables.

Energy Loss; 40s to 50s

Many women at this age complain about their energy draining out quicker and losing focus.

The production of antioxidant CoQ10 in the body slows down from the 30s to the late 40s. CoQ10 is required for energy and concentration. To restore CoQ10 in the body, foods including:

  • Sardines/ Mackerel. (two portions per week)
  • Beef and peanuts.

The Menopause

Most women dread this age of their lives. However, eating required foods can make a big difference in reducing the symptoms. For this stage, one should consume foods containing phytoestrogens, which are substitutes for estrogen in the body.

  • Chickpeas, sesame, and flax.
  • Fermented soy.
  • Tofu is an ideal substitute for meat due to its richness in protein.

Try the traditional Japanese food, Natto. Recipe below:

Beyond the Menopause

Your need for iron decreases when you stop menstruating. Foods for this age include:

  • Vegetables as a source of iron instead of meat.
  • Protein and complex carbohydrate with every meal to avoid fluctuation in blood sugar level and to lessen the chance of diabetes.
  • Avoid refined sugar at all costs.
  • Replace white potatoes with sweet potatoes.

Feel happier and feel right with these health tips! Never forget to take care of what you put into your body.

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