Different Kinds Of Attractive Embroidery Stitches Used In Adorning Fabrics

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9 · 11 · 19

Many people love to decorate their dresses by stitching various designs with colourful threads on the fabrics. This art of creating beautiful stitches with needle and threads on a cloth is termed as embroidery. Different types of stitches can be used for attractive embroidery on various fabric items. Interested people dedicate much time in mastering this skill, which may also become their source of income, apart from being a passion. Prolonged practice can make them experts in this unique section of sewing.

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Various Embroidery Patterns Commonly Preferred In Decorating Dresses

  • Running stitch is the simplest form of attractive embroidery that everyone learns at the primary level. Usually, this stitch is applied for creating the border of an elaborate design, mainly on tablecloths and hankies. This easiest stitch is also used for filling up the spaces in complicated patterns. In India, it is also termed as Kantha stitch and used for decking Indian attires.
  • Backstitch is another basic stitch that is mainly applied as an outline or to join two small pieces of fabrics together, which may be too small for a sewing machine. It is a strong stitch that holds firmly on the cloth and prevents the thread from coming out easily.
  • Stem stitch is another simple yet effective stitch that is used for making the straight or slightly curved lines in embroidery designs. As floral patterns are most popular, this stitch is used to make the stems on which the colourful flowers are created, due to which it got its name.
  • Satin stitch is another popular stitch used for filling up the spaces, like the inner spaces of flower petals and leaves. As this stitch leaves a smooth and glossy appearance like satin, its name is justified. Since this stitch is created in various lengths to fill up, the outlines of those designs are usually drawn with any other simple stitch, to prevent the satin stitch going out of the designated space.
  • Chain stitch is another simple form of embroidery that looks like a chain, for which it is so named. It is made by creating loops of thread and thus, applied for making simple lines in decorative embroideries done on clothes. Due to these loops, this stitch is more durable than the others used for making outlines or curved lines on all types of fabrics.
  • Lazy daisy stitch is mainly used for making flower petals of floral embroideries. It is a bit complicated and resembles chain stitch in creating loops. So it is more stable and renders a realistic look to flowers of different shapes and sizes created on clothes.
  • Herringbone stitch is used for hemming the borders of garments in a stylish manner. It is also called plaited stitch or catch stitch, due to the way this attractive embroidery stitch is created. When it is stitched on a straight line, a series of parallel lines is uniformly formed over the cloth, with the same amount of space between these lines.

Embroidery for Upholsteries

Apart from garments, embroideries of numerous styles are also used for beautifying upholsteries. Often glass beads, stones, and sequins are stitched with threads on fabrics, to make the embroideries more attractive. Different regions of the world have unique embroidery styles. The attires of royal people were always adorned with various kinds of embroideries, to add grandeur to the expensive clothes. Numerous stitches can be found on the internet now, from where modern learners can know more tutorial details of these embroideries. Thus, they can easily fulfil their passion for stitching, with which they can beautify simple pieces of fabrics.

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