Female Entrepreneur’s Favorite Books

The average CEO reads four or five books a month. Meanwhile, the average American reads four books a year. That’s a massive gap. Steve Seibold, author of How Rich People Think interviewed 1,200 of the world’s wealthiest people and found that they were all avid readers.

There are countless benefits to reading a book. Reading provides a break from the busy world we all live in. It allows you to unplug and relax while also stimulating your brain and expanding your vocabulary. However, CEOs and the wealthy are not reading your typical mystery novel.

Highly successful people almost exclusively read books that are focused on self-improvement and education, as opposed to reading for entertainment. Biographies of other successful people are also extremely popular in these circles. Does reading the biography of Steve Jobs mean you’ll become a transformative leader yourself? It’s doubtful, but chances are you can pick something up from his story and apply it to your own life.

What’s currently on the reading list of some of the world’s most pioneering women in business? Check out the infographic below from Fundera to find out!

Female Entrepreneur’s Favorite Books


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