Choose the Best Solid Wood Flooring Services

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Choose the Best Solid Wood Flooring Services

Wood is one of the most popular flooring options in the home. When it comes to luxury interior design, solid wood is a common choice as it enhances the beauty of the house and also provides the greater resale value to any property it is installed in.

The solid Wood floor is manufactured of timber and used for either structural or aesthetic purposes. When it comes to choosing the flooring material, wood is preferred the most as it comes in various styles, colours. Among various types, bamboo flooring is often considered a form of wood flooring, although it is made of bamboo.

Some tips to consider while installing solid wood flooring in your space and they are as follows: –

#1. Select the Type of Flooring

This totally depends on your needs and wants. Traditional and engineered flooring are the two types of floors available in the market these days. Usually, solid wood flooring is avoided for basements but for all the rest of the places, it is the most ideal and suited option. Solid wood flooring is the traditional type of flooring which is not glued or nailed down like engineered flooring. There are many benefits to installing solid wood flooring and some of the main benefits are that it can be refurbished and sanded by way of numerous times as required. This is both flexible and permanently doable.

#2. Wood Family

Whether you choose light woods, such as maple or standard woods species dusky woods like walnut or mahogany, it all depends on the type of wood or wood species you are attracted to. This is a matter of style and the type of usage you are looking for. Be careful while selecting this as it should be durable and suitable as per the type of usage you are looking for.

#3. Factory Finish or On-Site Finish

Believe it or not, this is one of the most confusing yet common questions, which comes to one’s mind while operating with wooden items.

Actually, these two are all about customization. Factory finished will give you fewer options to experiment with but when you have the option available for the On-Site finish, you will able to customize and experiment on the spot with the wood instead of cringing about whatever sort of wood is available in hand and now you will have to go with it.

#4. Maintenance

Maintenance is actually a bigger thing than the installation of solid wood flooring. How? You need to keep the floors dry, safeguard it from frequent or prolonged dampness, keep it scratch free in case if you have pets or naughty kids in the house. Whatever the case is, maintenance is one of the most prioritized jobs for any owner to keep such kind of flooring in good condition.

One safe way how you can maintain these floors is to keep rug mats wherever there are frequent walking and gathering of people but keep these rags dirt and dust free. For that, you need to clean them frequently using a vacuum cleaner. Another major point is to use only those liquids that are wood cleaning friendly or else the condition of wood will start to deteriorate and finally, do not use wet or steam mops for these kinds of floors.

#5. Types of Finishing

It truly involves inclination. Gloss completes offer the most sparkle and reflect light the most. Semi-gloss completes offering some sparkle whereas glossy silk or matte completions offer the minimum sparkle and reflect light the least of all.

The lesser shine there is, lesser the scratches will be seen. These are some points that will help you a lot in terms of making the right type of selection of solid wood flooring VA mortgage along with the cost in association with the same.

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