How App Retention is Like Dating and Getting Engaged

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How App Retention is Like Dating and Getting Engaged

As mobile usage continues to grow, as does the availability, sophistication, and utility of mobile applications. One bad experience can be ruinous for customer retention rates, causing users to immediately uninstall the app. In fact, 23 percent of mobile apps are used only once. This highlights the impact a first impression can make but also the importance of implementing a strategy to re-engage an application’s audience. The relationship between a company and customer is mutually beneficial and often resembles dating. CleverTap made the visual below to explain how app retention is like dating and getting engaged.

The foundation of a great relationship with customers is making a first impression that is memorable and valuable for the customer. When we meet someone for the first time it only takes seven seconds to make a lasting impression. If you want your app to make a strong first impression, your window is probably not much longer than those seven seconds. Much like when on a first date, you want to stand out amongst the competition and impress your date.

Everyone has their own opinion about when it is acceptable to communicate after the first date, but this also applies to business-related communication. You don’t want to message too soon after the first meeting and annoy your user but you also don’t want to wait so long they don’t remember who you are. Be respectful of their space and time but give the message purpose with a clear call to action with a time constraint. Time-sensitivity is important here or else your message will likely be dismissed and promptly forgotten.

The goal is to nurture a healthy relationship. In mobile marketing, the usage of tools like push notifications, in-app messages, SMS messages, email, and others are helpful to inform or remind users of your company. Building a relationship of open communication will drive a lasting engagement and subsequent retention. If you want to get engaged with your customers, utilize the advice from the intelligent mobile marketing team at CleverTap.

How App Retention is Like Dating and Getting Engaged

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