Why Do You Need Consulting Associates?

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Why Do You Need Consulting Associates?

All people need help and guidance to make good decisions and choose the right path. Every day our life is full of roads and decisions. The patient goes to the doctor for guidance and treatment. The child goes to school for knowledge. Adolescents attend high school to learn how to develop their intellectual capacity. Younger generation go to the institution of higher education to have an area of expertise that serves as a basis to be creative. The manager attends masters, diploma, and doctorates to specialize in an area. The manufacturer visits fairs and manufacturing exhibitions to stay at the technical front position. Likewise, people in search of real estate need consulting associates.

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Reasons for Hiring Consulting Associates

The common denominator of these people and most of us is the interest in acquiring information and knowledge that will help us to see more clearly the path we must follow. The training to go for information and knowledge is only a third part of the learning process. Josef Silny & Associates, Inc. and Larry Weltman are one of best consulting associates. A second part is an experience that gives us the observation and analysis of what surrounds us. The last third part is to hire the consultant who brings his knowledge and experience to us.

  • The main reasons that an entrepreneur or manager has to hire consulting services are:
  • The company gets a technological boost that helps it accelerate its own organizational development.
  • The company has an external point of view that allows you to visualize the results in the short, medium and long-term.
  • The company detects and modifies the organizational paradigms that prevented it from improving its competitive position.
  • The company has an impartial and professional consultant who looks after it and supports it twenty-four hours a day.
  • If we could understand the cost-benefit of hiring a consultant in relation to the option of the company following its own pace of development based on their training and experience, we would have the results shown in the following graph.

Therefore, although there are some highly developed companies that no longer need consulting services, the vast majority of companies still need to maintain a constant pace of development that allows them to be at the forefront or allow them to have a dignified participation within of the market (s) in which they participate.

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Ways of Acquiring Knowledge:

Entrepreneurs and managers like Larry Weltman Toronto use to solve problems presented to them at the workplace have three options: Take training (in Universities, Chambers, Industrial Associations, and other Institutions), Gain Experience (over time by observing and analyzing what surrounds them), and hire a consultant.

Advantages of Entrepreneurs and Executives of a Company to:

Take Training:

Consulting associates have an extensive menu of topics and suppliers (Chambers, Associations, Clubs, Universities, Dispatches, Conferences, Symposiums, etc.).

  • They live with other people who may have similar or different problems to their own.
  • They know the application of the same subject in different companies and industries.
  • It is relatively economical. It requires mainly time.

Hire a consultant associate:

  • Consulting associates get personal attention to their specific needs and problems.
  • They accelerate their learning due to the great accumulation of knowledge and experience of the consultant.
  • There is a greater individual commitment to apply the advice and suggestions of the consultant.

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