Challenges of Modern Day Learning – Part 1

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
6 · 21 · 17
Learning Challenges - Modern Day Learning Part 1


If You Want to Learn but Can Not Afford It

Education! The lifelong journey that all of us have screwed up at some point. I know classes are boring, the teachers are boring, and school/high school or university is unfair! (I particularly agree with high school is unfair) but learning is something that we all enjoy.

Would you believe me when I say learning is part of daily life?

  • Working out for those six packs, it’s learning.
  • Figuring out how to do your makeup, your hair, and your nails … That’s right, it’s learning!
  • Reading books … learning!
  • Paying your taxes … learning!

You learn something at every stage and on every day of your life.

Learning, learning, learning!

It is everywhere and you do not need to be a genius to do that. Actually, you do not need to be a genius to do anything. However, in spite your aspirations for erudite learning you cannot because of a number of reasons. Hence, I present to you the solution to your learning problems.

Online learning

Before you run to your conclusions, let me say something first. You do not want to pay/ you cannot afford to go to university. Yet we want to go to Harvard, Oxford, and all those famous universities and we can.

I mean, we can cheat our way through – by learning online. I know online education might not be the same thing as going to the actual place with all the fun and parties and that stuff we see in movies. However, let me just point out that there are no deadlines. You heard me, NO DEADLINES.

So instead of telling you the classic reasons (or well, at least I believe they are classic reasons) such as no one will do it for you (not that this is a bad reason), or that you are too old to learn, do something different, I’d share my reasons for why yes to online education, at the very least.

1. It is mostly free

The only bill you have to pay is the internet. It is completely free in many online universities unless the website specifies otherwise. The top universities in the world are available at your fingers tips to learn. There’s no need to pay if you do not want to spend money. However, keep in mind that in very few websites you will get certification for completing a course.

2. Flexibility

Taking classes restricts us to a certain extent because we have to go to them without the guarantee that your lecturers will be good. You have to take notes, hand in assignments, and wait for long periods. You have to work with people who might not be as passionate as you are about your work. However, with online education, everything is available. There are classes or courses that give free handouts of the notes, sometimes, even textbooks! Not only that but also most courses do not have deadlines. If you are sick then you cannot take the class and it will be okay! The teacher will not point at you with accusing fingers and banish you from the kingdom of education. You will not earn names like ‘incompetent,’ ‘lazy,’ or worse!

3. No Disruptions

Picture this: you, the tiny nugget who is full of passion for knowledge, and your foe classmates who will not shut up. They will argue with the teacher that there are rabbits on the moon (not that this has ever happened to me) but this is not the case with online learning. There are just you, the computer screen, and the lectures. Usually, online lectures are about 15-30 minutes long. There is no angry teacher that spits out smack lines about how all “you’re evah gonna do is work an underpaying job if you do not get them grades.”

There are no classmates to ruin the mood. You can press the pause button and make the teacher repeat what they are saying without worrying about them going “apeshit” at you, as I like to call it. You can repeat the lectures as many as times as you want!

4. No Drop-out Stigma

When you stop studying or decide to change courses, you get fire from everyone, including your classmates, your teachers. Most of all, you get to hear loads said by your parents … who have to pay for it. Well, if you decide you do not like what you are studying or that you want to try something else, no one is there to stop you from exploring your boundaries.

5. You Are Going to Meet Passionate People

Forums on these websites are amazing because here you are going to meet people who are going to help you clear up doubts you might have. You can share different viewpoints you might have on a particular topic, and you can meet people from all over the globe. It is a space where you can build your knowledge.

In a nutshell, what I am trying to say is that you have the best tool for learning, and it is sitting right in front of you. I know it may seem like a lot of effort and you may think, “I’m trying to juggle my life and I have to this? When there is no guarantee, this will succeed?” Therefore, I am not going to tell you that there is no guarantee for anything in life. Instead, I am going to tell you that life can be quite boring. This can be a way to find something fun that you would like to do.

Now all this talk about online education does not mean that you should abandon your school/high school/university and just stay at home. No, these places have things to teach you too, though it might not always be effective. I have talked a lot about online courses here and online education is so much more important than just studying the courses.

My personal expertise is in online courses. You can take them if you want, but you can watch tutorials, you can join an online learning community. Really, there are so many ways of studying, it is amazing, to be honest. Keep in mind that no single formula will lead you to your goal. My math teacher Ximena used to say that there is never a single way to solve a problem. Any pathway is valid if you arrive at the solution. There is not a single pathway and there no single area that you can learn. You can learn millions of things if you want to.

The whole point of online education is, basically, to provide you with the tools literally in your hand. Moreover, who knows, along the way, you can discover something amazing that only you know about. Take the initiative to learn regardless of your age or reasons for not doing so earlier.

Wondering about the top websites for learning? Stay tuned for the part in which we will get into the top websites for online learning!

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