Are So-Called Bad Habits Actually Bad?

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
8 · 18 · 17
Are So-Called Bad Habits Actually Bad_ - Lifestyle Glitz

Have people been telling you that you have some bad habits that you need to change? Well, everyone has so-called bad habits, but what people don’t think about is that some depraved habits turn out to be good. There’s no doubt that having a healthy lifestyle is important, so keep trying to improve yourself. If you feel that some habits are doing more harm than helping you, then by all means, consider quitting those habits. Here’s a list of bad habits and reasons why they are actually bad:

Biting Nails

There is no good in biting your nails. Let’s face it, there is always some black line under the nail, which means dirt gets in there somehow. Whenever you bite your nails, you are letting germs get into your system, which causes health problems. This can affect your immune system in the end.

Complaining about things

There are some good and bad effects about complaining. If you hardly ever find a justified reason to say something positive and instead of complaining, will make you more negative about everything in life. On the other hand, complaining can help you by giving you a more realistic idea about things. It can help you vent out negative emotions instead of repressing this, which can lead to a healthier mental state. Therefore, sometimes, this bad habit can be good.

Too much coffee

According to the Health Ambition, research proves that there is no relation between coffee consumption and risks of cancer or heart diseases. Coffee has its own ways of tempting us into having it which is why some people have worries about the negative effects of coffee. The caffeine content makes us feel energized and ready to work. It has antioxidants that have health benefits, and it even improves memory and cheers you up. Some research proves that it improves Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, Type 2 Diabetes, and liver cancer. Just make sure you don’t take excessive sugar or cream with the coffee. Knowing about the 10 pros and cons of coffee would be helpful.

Living Messy (Worst of Bad Habits)

For clean freaks, seeing messy people can be very disturbing. However, some people think that messiness is a sign of creativity. While there is a general misconception about health hazards associated with messy lifestyle, there are some health benefits there too. For example, mites and dust don’t even survive in such messy places, and this, in turn, prevents allergies. However, try to avoid a messy and disorganized life if it’s turning out to be bad for you.

Online Shopping

Deciding if online shopping is a bad habit can be tricky. There are more good things about it than bad. For one, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your house, spend on transportation, and waste more time than necessary on hunting for things you need. With online shopping, everything you need comes straight to your doorstep. You can return things if they are not good enough and you save a lot of money. Yes, using a credit card can be addictive, but as long as you keep your temptations in check, you’re good to go to sites like Amazon, eBay, etc.

Over Sleeping

If you have the habit of sleeping in too often, people will think that you are lazy. Ignore those people! Sleeping is not a bad thing. In fact, it helps improve metabolism, you eat better, you think better, and feel better about yourself because your mental state improves. Sleeping does help your body and mind to heal. However, make sure you don’t sleep because of intense depression or high blood sugar. These conditions can have long-term harmful effects.

Chewing Gum

Although eating gum can have negative effects on your gums and teeth, it can help people improve digestion and focus. It also helps control nervousness and anxiety by shifting the focus of your mind from problems. Make sure you pick a good flavor if you must chew, but keep it under control. Don’t harm your teeth with too much gum.

Chocolate Addiction

Do you know that dark chocolate has antioxidants, which are very good for you? Milk chocolates have flavonoids, which prevent strokes and cancers. However, white chocolate doesn’t have antioxidants or flavonoids, which means it doesn’t have any benefits. Choose your chocolates while being health conscious. It’s not a bad habit!


This is a good thing because you get to exercise a little. It boosts metabolism and helps you by reducing the harmful effects of sitting for too long. Go about squirming if you must!

Nevertheless, working towards having a healthier lifestyle is always highly recommendable. If you know you have bad habits that are harming you, then it would be good to improve yourself. You must focus on eating healthy and following 10 pros and cons of coffee.

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