DIY Nail Art Hacks That Are Simply Genius

Written by Mona Hadi Naeem
8 · 18 · 17
Simply Genius DIY Nail Art Hacks - Lifestyle Glitz

These days, simply painting your nails to your choice of favorite color isn’t enough. Nail art is something that has taken over the world of manicure and there are many artistic and incredibly creative diy nail art hacks out there that can instantly transform your nails into classy ones, just like models!

Of course, this doesn’t mean the process has to be as complex as you may think it is, when it comes to having the perfect nail art, you don’t have to go out and purchase fancy products or tools to get the perfect design, all you need is the right amount of motivation!

DIY Nail Art Hacks You Must Try

We have compiled some of the chic nail art hacks that can help you to join the trendy club without much trouble, regardless of your level of expertise and creativity.

Touch up For French Manicure

Especially if you have a shaky hand, then French manicure could prove to be a challenging nail art style. If your French manicure line doesn’t come out just as perfectly as you wanted it to, then do you know there’s an easy way to get rid of the mistakes without the frustration of re-doing it all. You simply need a glitter pen from any online store or nail art store and draw a line where the white color meets the light pink base.

Scotch Tape Is What You Need

Have you ever marveled at the zigzags and artistic nail arts that have lines and squares? All you need is scotch tape to give you the perfect designs. Just make sure that your base coat dries us properly for at least one hour before you tape the nails for the design you wish to make.

Lace Nails with Actual Lace

Lace nail art is a trendy fashion these days, and while many others do not have the time or patience to make delicate lace like designs, actual lace nets could do the magic for you! Simply grab a lace cloth and wrap it around your nails, dab some white nail polish on a makeup sponge and tap it on your nails. That will reveal a complicated lace nail design, without going through much trouble!

Love is in the Air with a Toothpick

Who doesn’t adore hearts on their nails! Whether you want them to cover all your nails or just a simple heart, all you need to make the perfect heart is a toothpick. With the toothpick, pick up good amounts of your favorite nail polish and put two equal dots on your nail, next to each other. Simply drag each of the dots down at a 45-degree angle so it meets at the bottom. It’s as simple as that!

Delicate Strips with Random Makeup Brushes

For delicate striped nail art designs, you can use any makeup brush. Just apply a base coat of your choice and let it dry. Dip the brush tips into a different nail polish color and brush it over your nails in a horizontal manner. Let this dry, and you can carry on with the process using another nail color of your choice or simply stick to one.

Nail art is as simple as the easy diy nail art hacks we just mentioned! All you need is some time and patience, and you can flaunt the most complicated looking designs to people without actually letting them know the tricks behind them!

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