How do I Bypass FortiGuard Web Filtering?

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Have you ever typed something on the Google search bar and want to visit a particular website, but you were blocked by Bypass FortiGuard Web Filtering? This app or tool is a service originally used to filter unsuitable and harmful websites. To be more specific it blocks those websites that pose no threat, are blocked.

To be more specific it blocks those websites that pose no threat, are blocked. Like every internet user, the first question to ask is, how do I bypass FortiGuard web filtering?

But before we start giving you the steps for how to deactivate FortiGuard web filtering, we will present you information about it. In order to answer the question, how do I bypass FortiGuard web filtering? To understand what FortiGuard web filtering is, we should first understand what a web filter is.

FortiGuard is a Web Filter

According to Search Security Tech Target, a web filter is essentially a program. Whoever installs it can select what kind of content can be browsed and what cannot. Which allows US companies to screen incoming websites for content that goes against the rules; for example, spyware, viruses, and pornographic content.

A web filter allows the user to protect their device. This is because usually, attacks are primarily through hacked or malicious websites. Which may automatically download content such as malware, spyware, risky content etcetera. Now you know what is FortiGuard web filtering used for.

The FortiGuard Company

FortiGuard is a company that provides FortiGuard web filtering services. They have divided websites into categories if one falls into the category of security risk, and it is filtered. The FortiGuard Security Services Brochure says that Fortinet provides security services for “NSS Labs, NSS Labs, Virus Bulletin, ICSA Labs, AV-Comparatives and more.” Their company boasts specialists with 16 years of experience along with 375,000 Network Intrusion Attempts Resisted per minute.

The Bypass FortiGuard Web Filtering Services

FortiGuard is a company that specializes in the protection against every kind of security threats on the internet from annoying spam in your inbox to spyware. In order to protect your web and the valuable applications and content, ForituGuard uses specific FortiGuard designed appliances. These include FortiGate, FortiWiFi, FortiClient, and FortiMail. By using these exclusive Fortiguard designed applications, the company offers these four services: FortiGuard Antivirus, FortiGuard IPS, FortiGuard Web filtering and FortiGuard Antispam. Each service specializes in a specific kind of threat. We will begin explaining in detail what each of these services does.

FortiGate and FortiWiFI

FortiGate and FortiWiFI work together to prevent attacks for which the system has no specific defense developed. It does so by using a behavior-based heuristics. They also provide an excellent defense against any type of attack because they use a combination of information of known past attacks and the information about the unknown attack. Information of past threats is available in a custom-make database comprising of 4,000 threats identified. This allows both of these applications to work with threats that evade conventional defense provided by a conventional firewall. FortiGate, in particular, specializes in stopping attacks in the network irrespective of if it is a wireless network or not. It also stops attacks at both corporate headquarters and branch offices.

Fortclient and FortiGate

Fortclient, FortiWifi, and FortiGate work together to make up the FortiGuard Web Filtering Services. This service provides web-filtering services for all kinds of institutions from schools and libraries to enterprise businesses and to government agencies of every size. Forticlient, FortiWifi, and Fortigate work together to prevent access to websites, which can contain malware like spyware. It also prevents pharming or phishing attacks and prevents exposure to objectionable content, which can expose the legal liability of an organization. All of this enables application of highly granular policies, which screen the web content according to your preferences.

FortiMail or FortiGate

FortiMail or FortiGate applications decrease the amount and range of spam that an organization’s email servers process. It does so by using a combination of spam signature and a sender’s IP reputation base. FortiGuard also uses dual pass detection technology, which reduces the volume of spam before it even enters the corporate network. It can even block spam from remote PCs or mobile devices with the use of endpoint security agents of the FortiClient application. The Antispam service has a customizable policy, which can be set for a domain, individual users, or a group of users.

Global FortiGuard Network

Global FortiGuard Network provides updates for all of these applications and services by using a push and pull options to provide the speediest updates. All thanks to the Fortinet Global Threat research team, which works with major infrastructure vendors in order to provide the latest updates. It ensures an optimum level of protection against all of these threats. It updates Forticlient’s IPS signature, IP reputation, spam signature databases, websites rating, and the emerging threats of new websites.

There is a proactive library of threats as well as the intrusion prevention system (IPS) library with over 4000 IPS signatures, which offer comprehensive network protection. It also has a library with 75 web content filters there are over 30 million rated websites and more than two million web pages which are updated by the FortiGuard Network continuously. As well as updating its detection engines against spyware, virus, and malware. The extensive coverage of ForitGuard Services has given it CIPA (US HR4577) and BECTA (UK) compliance making at international level threats.

It is important to mention that the device-based licensing disregards per-user fees reducing it to a significantly low entry fee and continuing maintenance costs. Moreover, the True “set and forget” functionality lessens security management operational expenses. Bypasses FortiGuard

Perhaps, reading these facts you wonder how do I bypass Foriguard web filtering if it is this protected? Fear not! The following tutorial will teach you how to bypass FortiGuard web filtering using chrome, android, CMD, and FortiGuard web filtering bypass software free download. is a proxy server that allows you to access restricted sites through your network, hiding your IP address while keeping your identity anonymous and safe as you browse through different websites. At the same time, you will not encounter any sort of censorship while you browse the internet. Tempting, right? Here are not only one but also three different proxy servers that allow you to access what you want:

Step 1 – Use

In order to use this service, add the URL address of the site that you cannot access into the blue text box at the bottom of the page and click “Go” to view it.

Step 2 –

Open a new tab in your browser and type to get past the FortiGuard Web Filtering restriction, type the Web address you wish to access in the text field that says, “Website URL goes here” and click “Go” to retrieve the previously FortiGuard-filtered website.

Step 3 – Freedom-Hide

This particular proxy is easy to use because of its user-friendly browser. In addition to allowing you to access any websites, you want, you can access social media through this proxy, enter the URL for the Web destination FortiGuard is blocking in your network in the text region displayed on the right side at the bottom of the page and proceed to access the site by clicking on “go.”

Benefits of FortiGuard

  • It offers global protection from numerous threats.
  • It is a comprehensive solution for application threats, network, and content threats.
  • The setup is simple. You can set it up and forget about it while it does its job unnoticed.
  • You get feedback from major infrastructure vendors worldwide about SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and other leading threats.
  • The license is device based, which eliminates per user fees making ongoing maintenance much affordable.

FortiGuard Subscription Service

You can get the subscription for intrusion prevention, web content filtering, antivirus, antispam, and antispyware from registered affiliates or the Fortiguard website. It enables security against all kinds of threats online. It comes in a multi-layered security format, which makes it very effective. Now there are various kinds of associated products like FortiGate, FortiClient PC, FortiClient Mobile, FortiMail, and others.

Hope the simple tips help you access sites blocked by your server. If you have other tips and tricks, feel free to share them with us in comments below.

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