Five Biggest Myths about Foreplay

Written by Aara Jones
9 · 16 · 17
Five Misleading Myths about Foreplay - Lifestyle Glitz

Foreplay is one of the most underrated aspects of sex. The truth is that foreplay is a highly positive experience and its role in sex should not be underestimated. In fact, a healthy sexual experience depends on the quality of foreplay largely. Here is the official lowdown on some of the misconceptions about foreplay.

1. A time waster

Women find it difficult to dive into intercourse straightaway. Compared to men, women need more time to get into the mood for intercourse. This is where stimulation comes to the rescue. Women have more erogenous zones on their body, so good stimulation on areas such as the neck, face, back, etc. gets the hormones into motion for sex. More importantly, foreplay stimulates vaginal lubrication and tightening of the clitoris, both of which are essential for great sex.

2. Foreplay does not fulfill any real needs.

It does. Women have a real need to feel that they are being intimate with someone who holds affection towards them and is committed to them. Use foreplay as an opportunity to caress your partner and express your genuine warmth and affection. It helps women to open up and become mentally ready for sex.

3. Is it embarrassing?

It is not. While it may be natural to feel shy telling your partner what type of foreplay turns you on, it should not be embarrassing at all. A healthy sexual relationship depends on being good communicators and helping each other derive the maximum pleasure from each intercourse.

4. Keep it short, or skip it.

A general myth about sexual stimulation is that it is the prelude to actual sex, so keep it short. Cutting to the chase is more important. In reality, arousal deserves more attention and time than we realize. It is not simply flirting or caressing. It sets the tone for the sexual activity and arouses the right emotions to make sex a fulfilling experience.

5. Keep mum about it.

Couples should be talking about arousal and turning on more often. Make it a natural part of your intimate conversations. It is perfectly normal and healthy to share with each other ways to make sex more exciting and pleasurable for both of you. It is a great way to build trust and get the most out of the sexual experience.

By discarding these myths, you can make foreplay the perfect lead-in to a satisfying sexual experience.

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