Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about Beauty

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Answered: Your Most Burning Questions about Beauty

As a woman, I have some ‘burning’ questions about beauty and I know many women out there have them too. We often search for answers to questions like, what’s the secret to waking up looking radiant and beautiful. What are the latest beauty trends? What are the best beauty products for your skin type? How can you avoid excessive dryness? How can you keep your nails looking beautiful?

I got some very interesting answers from Makeup Geek. Marlena Stell has shared some valuable information on her website.

Some Answers to Your Beauty Questions

She says Phyto 7 Dry Hair Cream is a great lotion for hair care. It moisturizes the hair and keeps it healthy.

For dry skin, she uses Philosophy Amazing Grace Multi-Use Oil. This product contains natural ingredients that hydrate the skin without making it greasy. Whenever you feel that your skin is too dry, apply the lotion on top. I love moisturizing lotions and occasionally I use body butter creams too. According to Makeup Geek, Jo Malone is a very nice body butter. It makes the skin feel silky smooth and hydrates it too.

For nails, it is important to prevent the nail beds becoming too brittle and dry. I often apply coconut oils and jojoba oil to my hands. This helps keep them soft and moisturized.

Another tip I really liked and have started following is to prepare my hair the night before. This way, I get to save some time in the morning before work. I divide my hair into segments and braid them before sleeping. In the morning, I simply release the hair from the braids to get wavy beautiful hair. Another tip is to sleep on silk pillow covers. The friction-induced in the hair causes them to stay silky and smooth.

Another important tip for beauty tip is to exfoliate your face a night before. Removing dead skin from your face makes it glow the next morning. Take many vitamin supplements and water too. This is good for your skin. In addition to that, apply Ole Henrickson, a vitamin C serum. This makes the skin glow. Placing ice cubes under the eyes or a cold spoon will also help prevent puffiness under the eyes.

Hottest Beauty Trends in 2017

Well, bold lips are in! Ombre lips are still hot and will continue to be the new look into the New Year. Use two colored lip liners to create the shaded effect. Here’s how to do this:

Another big hit is the cat eyes. Make double wings and add a dramatic cat eye effect to your makeup. Using the cobalt blue lash line for a pop of color will be a great idea too. Colors like pale pink and using lip-gloss is coming again in 2017.

For hairdos, I’d say stick to the normal. Go for ponytails, buns, braids, and using curlers or straighteners. Be messy on some days and sleek on others. Just go with it!

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