7 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children You Can’t Miss

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7 Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Children | Lifestyle Glitz

It is not that I don’t like toys. I love them. But sometimes toys are too much, there are other gift ideas for children that you can consider to help them with character development.

Although some toymakers are very creative and make some excellent toy gifts for babies, but sometimes, you need to focus on activities more.

What if we get a little creative ourselves? What if make this year holiday season a toy-free event? – There are some very good alternatives you will see. Even after the kids grow up, they’d be like “remember that Christmas when you took me to see…”

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7 Excellent Gift Ideas for Children That Are Not Toys

Tickets to An Event

Like most kids, I got countless presents as a kid. But I will never forget when my father took me to the symphony. I felt grown up. I felt it was amazing how my dad and I did this together. Give this to your kids – they’ll love it.

Magazine Subscription

One of the most thoughtful gift ideas for children you can consider is a magazine subscription. Reading is a habit that needs to be groomed early. There are so many affordable magazine items that kids will love, the world is full of choices. More importantly, magazines are very educational. They develop young minds; let children explore the world they haven’t even seen yet. Above all, a magazine subscription isn’t a one-day thing. Your child will benefit from for months to come.

Skill-Based Classes

This could very well be one of the most important gift ideas for children on this list. Forget this list, this can prove to be life-changing: skill-based classes. What does your child love? Art, dancing, acting, music, sports, carpentry – you can give your child an early chance to learn and develop skills that will help or her for a lifetime to come. It is easy promising a gift and not following it up. Make sure you enroll your child in the appropriate class and who knows it might be the best thing you do for him or her ever.

Event Membership

Kids love to go to events. It is not just a learning experience for them; they really enjoy the outdoor activity more than you think. So if there’s a zoo, aquarium, museum, theatre, or music venue in your area, gift your child their membership without a second thought. Normally, the family memberships are much cheaper than getting a one or two day pass.

Dress Up Clothes

This is flirting with the mainstream gift ideas for children but I will include it anyway. Go to your local thrift shop and buy real clothes, not Disney clothes; your child probably has enough fairytale/superhero merchandise. Aprons, old-fashioned shoes, feather boas, fans, hats of all sorts, old ball gowns, scrubs, and other things like that make a great gift.

Travel Supplies

Get a bag or a backpack where they can keep everything from their toothbrushes to their favorite toys when they spend the night at Grandma’s. This will make your child extremely independent. More so, it makes children adventure minded. This might even be the best of gift ideas for children yet.

Piggy Bank

We have talked about fun and learning, let us talk about responsibility. With a piggy bank, you can teach children to learn important and life-shaping skills like budgeting and saving money. A piggybank may not be a very fancy gift but it helps children in ways you cannot imagine.

If you have more gift ideas for children to share with us, we’d be delighted to hear from you. Drop us a comment down below. Before you move on, did you miss reading our previous post “Trending Home Decor Ideas 2018“? You can read it now. If you find this article worth sharing with friends and family, please take a minute to do that. Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you.

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