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New Year is around the corner and you must be thinking about giving your house a trendy and classier change for the sizzling New Year. So, we are here with some amazing trending home decor ideas 2018 is coming with.

It has been 117 years now and with every decade, we see a major change in the patterns, styles, priorities of one’s living choices. Each one strives to be different in terms of comfort, affordability and at the same time has to be trendy. That takes “you” ahead of the rest of the world.

Lifestyle Glitz - trending home decor ideas 2018

What Trending Home Decor Ideas 2018 to Expect

As advancements in technology keep coming, it has become easier for an individual to decorate their home with just a click. People can browse the latest ideas for home decorations and do some shopping online and save a lot of time as well.

However, the main question that arises is ‘what would be your home décor idea for 2018?

Let us help you with the popular ideas that have chances to get even more popularity in 2018. These are trending home decor ideas 2018 ideas that we have extracted through various surveys, which were first introduced by Houzz and Elle Decor and different home décor service providers’ users and professionals.

Kitchens are Colorful

Since we are talking about home décor, the first thing that pops up in homemaker’s mind is the Kitchen. What are the trending home decor ideas 2018 ideas for kitchens?

Forget about the monochrome kitchens! They used to have only wood and always had stainless steel sinks. Materials like copper granite, concrete or stone are going be much in use through 2018 as well. With more colors in the kitchen, you achieve many objectives with one shot (wink). Adding more colors to the kitchen would make it cozier, more adapted. Reparations or stains would not be visible at all.

Colors Not Limited to the Kitchen

Apparently, you have a wider window opening in terms of choices in colors. You can enhance your home in a variety of colors. Your entire home could have the vibrant ambiance, making every decorative item to pop up whether it is your sofa or just a photo frame.

2018 – Spring

Flowers have always been in but we would be seeing more floral prints in 2018. They will be in curtains, bed sheets table clothes etc., name it! You would be having floral prints on it.

Tiles Will Be Back

Tiles are coming back in 2018! This time with more durability than wallpaper and they will give you an intriguing look with intricate tile designs. This can enhance a gripping compositional factor to a wall while adding more life to the wall.


Spa at Home

Who would not want to make the mornings the best and most relaxing time of the day? Well, 2018 brings you the best mornings with a Spa right in your bathrooms. That is something that would you would love to visit at any time of the day. We always dreamt to have a resort like bathrooms in our homes and this trend has increased up to 269% according to the Pinterest.

Bucket Sinks

A house where there is no laundry option or no children, cannot be a house. Since American home architecture has come back to the small houses again, it is desirable to use the spaces with classy ideas. Having trough or bucket sinks is something that is good for laundry options as well as children.

Your Lavish Living Room

Expect to see more of curved or half-circled sofas in 2018. An NY based architect Elizabeth Roberts says, “Curved sofas feel very current and are a nice alternative to the L-shaped sectional,” division of room. They can be done stunningly, no matter which angle you see from. They always give you a great look and the “Curves” always catch attention.

We have talked about colors and furniture in your entire home, well your living room demands a little extra. With curved sofas, 2018 brings bold seating ideas as well. They can be in bold colors or in the seating arrangements different from the traditional ones.

Bedroom – Your Love

No matter in what part of the world you are in, your bedroom is the only place that you would miss a lot. You want it to be the most relaxing place in your home. The trending home decor ideas 2018 brings have the minimalist approach in bedrooms. They come with soothing colors that make your loved room more serene and comforting with more details and millwork walls.

Your Feet’s Love – Floor

Before floors did not get that much of attention but with every passing decade, floors have been gaining a lot of attention by homemakers. According to Elizabeth Roberts, nowadays people are more inclined towards unique flooring. Right now, they give their input in making it happen. That makes designers work with a wide variety of floors including soap-washed pine, ash, and with customized patterns as well.

According to the Pinterest, “Terrazzo” flooring has got 316% increased pins in 2017 that can be one of the HOT trending home decor ideas 2018 is bringing with it.


2018 home Accessories Ideas– Touch of Extravaganza

Lighting Fixtures – Making the Environment

If you were wondering, what lighting would be trendy for 2018, then we would suggest you go for Vintage Lighting. These are like copper pendant lights and are making their comeback in 2018.

Beautify your Side Tables

Using all kinds of colored tables and side tables as home accessories are one of the trending home decor ideas 2018 will bring. There will be unique shapes in bold colors. They can really enhance the corner and the decorative items on the table. That is the chicest yet classy way to look decorated and fresh.

Be Abstract, Be Geometrical

You would agree with me that asymmetry does more magic than the symmetry designs. The same goes for abstract designs as well. Sceneries are gone and abstract geometrical arts are to rejuvenate your walls and your home. A beautiful art piece can bring new life to a dull wall.

Crafty Pieces

With DIY stuff rising fast, now you can decorate your home by yourself now. You can also buy online home decorating stuff that is handmade, classy and customized at the same time. These 2018 trending home decor ideas will make your home even closer to your hearts.

Last Words

Well, now you must be wondering where and how to get the right home décor items with right prices as the market is intense and you can see the same product with different prices as you look around. At this point, why don’t we take full advantage of technology?

Shop online, compare online, and choose your desired home décor products. With one click, you can have many latest trending home decor ideas 2018 products under the same category. You can compare the items price wise, quality wise, and even with a money back guarantee and replacement policy with every one of them. You will never find these are details with a shopkeeper. A plus is that you would be saving your valuable time as well.

So start decorating your home and welcome 2018 with decorative styles. Happy Decorated New Year to you dear reader!

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