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1 · 01 · 18
Bitcoin Investing Takes Over Stocks | Lifestyle Glitz

Many of us are not familiar with the world of investment or stocks. We only hear about them vaguely in newspapers and stock prices rising or falling. Maybe the only thing we know about stocks comes from “The Wolf of Wall Street.” I cannot blame you it is a good movie after all. However, essentially, the only thing we can understand is that if the price of a stock goes up it is a good thing. So, it will come as a surprise that bitcoin investing takes over stocks in 2017.

:ifestyle Glitz: Bitcoin investing takes over stocks

What is Bitcoin?

Those of you who are beginners probably do not understand what bitcoin investing takes over stocks means. We will explain: Bitcoin is a company, which has successfully created digital money or “cryptocurrency.” For those of you who play games, it is like purchasing coins for a game using real money. Much like a game, this might sound dumb but the value of all existing bitcoins is worth more than 20 billion dollars. The bitcoin stocks price changes every day, in the same manner, the value of the stocks of a company change. They change in the same way the rate exchange between say Euros and dollars changes. As of today, December 24, 2017, one bitcoin is equal to 13980.31 US Dollars. This is how Bitcoin investing takes over stocks.

The Problem with Conventional Banks

Bitcoin was created by Satoshi Nakamoto. In one of the various guides made by Bitcoin’s company website, they describe the history and advantages of using Bitcoin. Satoshi Kishimoto pointed out the flaws of the current transaction system. One of the problems was that when a consumer buys something on the internet for says 7 dollars. However, when you check out you see that the total cost will be 20 dollars.

What if you were unsatisfied and decided to reverse the transaction? This creates a problem with sellers because when they have provided a service they deserve a payment. Bank involvement is often needed to solve these disputes, which requires money hence you end up paying more than you were supposed to for that 7-dollar item. This is too expensive because third parties and banks are often hacked and they give away too much information to the government without telling them.

The Digital Solution

In light of all these problems, the creator provided a solution to all of this, which has led to Bitcoin investing takes over stocks. Bitcoin is a money system, which uses a peer-to-peer system in which everyone has to agree over what transactions are being carried out. It also uses cryptography to keep the identities of users private. Sound confusing? Well, many people had attempted creating a digital currency before. However, it was not quite successful. However, Satoshi Nakamoto the creator of Bitcoin was successful making the first the first digital currency and by consequence, the first cryptocurrency stocks to buy.

Bitcoin investing takes over stocks because Nakamoto eliminated all the problems of conventional transactions by creating a system in which two individuals can contact each other directly and carry out transactions with each other eliminating the need for third parties such as banks. Instead, all the users in Bitcoin have to agree to the transaction.

Each Bitcoin has a unique “password” of sorts, which can only be viewed by one person. There is a timeline of all the transaction carried out and they are public. The identity and the personal details of the users of the transactions are not revealed to the public unlike in bank systems. This is one of the reasons why Bitcoin investment takes overstocks. The payments are also irreversible in order to ensure that if a merchant has provided a service, they are paid accordingly.

Why Bitcoin Investing Takes Over Stocks

While this may sound like the perfect breeding ground for corruption and fake payments. This is not the case. This is where bitcoin’s peer-to-peer system comes into play. “Miners,” who solve algorithms in order to connect blocks of information to verify a transaction, verify every transaction. They are paid a certain amount of bitcoin when they do so. This ensures that no user can pay money that they do not have or “double spend.” Say I have one bitcoin and I have to pay one bitcoin to B and C. This means that I cannot use the one bitcoin; I have to pay both B and C. I can only pay one. Why? Because, again, every transaction has to be agreed upon by every user in Bitcoin. This is why Bitcoin investing takes over stocks in 2018.

Bitcoin is not limited by time, by holidays and there is no risk of your personal information leaking to other people. Your transactions are visible to other people but you are in control of your money because each Bitcoin has a unique “password” which only you can access. This unique flexibility has helped Bitcoin investing taking over stocks.

The Rise of Crypto Currencies

While there are many cryptocurrencies nowadays, there is a wide range of cryptocurrencies to buy. A helpful cryptocurrency stock list by BlockGeeks will give you an idea of the ranking of different cryptocurrencies, and which cryptocurrency stocks to buy.

Spoiler alert! Bitcoin is at the top of the list. Another crypto currency stock list is available in coin desk but this one is specifically for Bitcoin stocks chart, which shows its value over a period.

Now that you know the advantages, it should be no surprise that Bitcoin investing takes over stocks, especially in 2017. It is becoming a giant in the market and taking overstocks. While bitcoin has seen a great rise in its price, it has also seen the great downfall in its prices. Partially because of the fluctuations in the everyday market, bitcoin rates fluctuate a lot. Nevertheless, Bitcoin has many advantages. You can also use them for travel reasons.

Advantages of Bitcoin

A recent article by Reuters explains that the stock prices surged for those companies that made announcements regarding the cryptocurrency of the blockchain. They showed a surge of 224%. “For example, the Long Island Iced Tea Corp shares jumped by about 300 percent once a beverage maker announced its intention to rename itself Long Blockchain Corp, which would focus on blockchain technology.”

Indeed, the value of Bitcoin has a fallen the past weeks to its worse since 2013. However, it is still above the worth bitcoin stocks were this November before many companies decided to announce changed regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain. Analysts remind investors to be cautious of where they are investing their money and make sure the business model is credible enough which sensible advice is.

One cannot deny the value of Bitcoin, as many famous companies have made a list of Bitcoin stocks available via the cryptocurrency. An article by investor place gives a list of Bitcoin stocks such as Microsoft, IBM, and Pfizer, among many others, which are the safest Bitcoin stocks to buy.

While Bitcoin does sound like a fishy business, there is no denying that it is rising like a giant despite skeptics and experts claiming otherwise. Bitcoin investing takes over stocks the millions of dollars raised are a proof of that. Perhaps 2018 will be the rise of digital money! Learn all about the very first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, which is worth 20 billion dollars in “Bitcoin takes over investing stocks”

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